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  1. lillady1225

    Davita Acute job

    I am switching from cronic to acutes in a few months due to relocation. I think i will really like it but the lady is talking 4 days a week still with 1-2 nights of call, is this normal
  2. lillady1225

    Dialysis in Chicago

    I am considering moving back to Chicago from Southern IL. I've been working for Davita as an RN for about 6 months. I have my issues with the company but overall I am somewhat satisfied with my job. I know this has prob been asked before but can you tell me the average hourly rate for an RN in dialysis in Chicago. Also I'm considering going to a frennisus instead of a Davita, what's your opinion.
  3. lillady1225

    How many of you passed or failed at 265?

    As said before, it doesn't matter if you pass with 75 or 265, either way you're getting you license. I took my test on thur and found I passed. I too had 265 questions. I left the site feeling drained and stupid like I missed every question I was asked but if I can say anything it would be after you get to question 75 and then to 150 and then to 200 and so on.... STAY FOCUSED. After question 200 I was so tired of looking at that screen my mind just started wondering off into space.
  4. lillady1225

    failed at 75 second time 1st time 130

    I know it's hard to hear "It's ok and to keep trying" but you HAVE to. I'm sure you are a very smart person and you just have to keep your spirits up and to make sure you focus on you're weak points while you're studying this time around. I've heard really good things about suzanne's plan maybe that's something to look into. But PLEASE don't loose confidence in yourself, you're a smart intellegent person and you WILL pass it the next time you take it.
  5. lillady1225

    I Passed!!!!

    I'm new to the board but I had to announce that I am now an R.N.!!!!! At 265 questions I just knew I had failed. But I didn't, I just can't believe it.
  6. lillady1225

    How many of you passed or failed at 265?

    Yeah, I think I have to wait till monday because 48 hours will be on saturday and I think you have to wait 2 business days.
  7. lillady1225

    How many of you passed or failed at 265?

    I too am in the same boat. I took it today and the test shut off at 265. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous but at least I live in IL and can get the quick results but I have to wait until monday. I was feeling good though because I had A TON of priortization questions and the select all that apply type questions. But I just don't know. Towards the end I I was so tired of looking at that screen that I am afraid I made some stupid choices and didn't get any of the last string of questions right. Guess we'll see on Monday.
  8. lillady1225

    What is Susanne's Plan for NCLEX??????

    I've never posted to this site before but I always read the popsts. I take my test on the 15 of feb in like 5 more days and am soooooooooo nervous. Anyway I was just wondering, what is Susanne's (maybe spelled wrong) Plan for studying for NCLEX. It seems that many people have had good results so not that I think I'm going to fail but just incase can someone explain to me what this plan is and how to access it. Thanks.