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  1. twotfruity98

    Walden University Graduate

    Hi I am very nervous about taking the boards I am doing fitzgerald, but it feels like every time I learn something new old info is removed help. I really want to passim trying to sit in late dec hopefully 30
  2. twotfruity98

    I finally PASSED my NCLEX-RN exam!!!

    Hi i just started a new job, iam so stressed out, i really want the experience and Really im a good nurse. It is an icu job iam having trouble passing the hospital critical care exam i have taken It twice i have one more chance please pray for me i have been a nurse for almost 4 years and ihave a history of failing Exams i had to retake my board three times please help with motivation I am so scares n worried i get butterflies n blank out pleSe help
  3. twotfruity98

    I Passed 3rd Time At 265

    I Just Wanted To Say That God Is Great. To All Those Studying Just Keep Praying And Stay Positive. Saunders Book Is The Best. I Used That. I Tried Kaplan It Did Not Work. I Pray For All Those Preparing For The Test.
  4. twotfruity98

    need I say more?

    congratulations sorry for your lost
  5. twotfruity98

    The wait is over!

  6. twotfruity98

    needs everybodys advice!

    im sorry you dd not pass. keep your head up, iam attempting my third try. I too used kaplan both times and did not pass. however i think i was concentrating more on memorizing the questions instead of thinking through the most important or prority of the content. the nclex focus more on picking out the priority instead of the could be ones. i am now using the learningtext at ncsbn, so far i find that it is very helpful. try go back and review kaplan again but this time focus more on the rationales as to y some answers are right and some are wrong also focus on the content priorities. good luck
  7. twotfruity98

    got 75 questions and so nervous

  8. twotfruity98

    How many times........

    keep your head up, dont' give up, i am also going for my third time. first time i was not sure of what i knew. but the second time i had studied so hard. i thought i knew everything and all strategies to use. however, i was not as focused i was mixing up contents and i did much better on the first then i did on the second. i had 130 questions and all near the passing standard except one and the secnd time i had 75 i was sure i had passed becasue everyone i knew had passed at 75. well now im going for my third try and iam studying one section at a time. when are u planning to take your exam. good luck and don't give up there is alway hope
  9. twotfruity98

    Tips for review

    Hi i am retaking my exam for the third time. I am having trouble remembering the concepts. if any one have tips especially on the priortiy questions. It feels like when i do the questions i am blanked out and do not score high. but when i do the rationales i am uhh i should of knowned that or i second guess my self. how do you prevent your self from over analying a question or stay focus during studying.
  10. twotfruity98

    So I did not back out....

    good luck i hope you pass you have a come a long way. Just leave it all to God and keep your faith strong in him. God does not fail. I wish you all the best. I will be taking my soon.
  11. twotfruity98

    I can still back out!!

    there are various types of anxiety like good anxiety and bad anxiety. if you have good anxiety it means that you can actually look at a question and still be able to answer the question and still maintain your avaerage that you had weeks ago. but bad anxiety is if you answer question and really fall below the passing mark like being in the 60's or low 50's. i believe that if you have been focused studying you know your stuff. don't second guess yourself. go out for a walk, or just do some quiet meditation. take your mind off it like for half an hour and see how you feel and take another practice to see how you do. i have my test late in april, and i am taking it for the third time as well. I try everyday to stay focused and try to remember my strategies and content as well. it is hard to stay focus. but just pray and stay focus and say to your self i will pass i will be successful. good luck and relax
  12. twotfruity98

    Tips on stayig focus HELP

    hello, I am retaking my exam for the third time in late April because I am having trouble staying focus. I feel like I don't know anything, everytime i attempt at answering questions i get stumped and every strategy that i know goes out of my mind and im sittin infront of the computer with a blank expression. when i m not answering questions im ok, like when im just reading rationales or reviewing my notes. but the mnute i start answering a question i get so nervous and im not sure what to do. please provide me with some suggestions on how to stay focus on answering questions. also on how to just simply focus on the question at hand without letting my mind wonder. what strategies have you used to help u stay focus on trying to answer the question. like the steps you take to answer a question. thank you.
  13. twotfruity98

    3rd time taking the Exam HELP

    This is my third time taking the exam. The second time I thought I knew what i was doing on the Exam. I thought I was rationalizing correctly and eliminating the wrong answers even on topic that i was not sure of. Does any one have strategies that I should use on eliminating questions. I think i just freeze on questions. I have been studying again now I feel like i dont' know anything, I am using the Kaplan Qbank and I feel like Im not sure of what im doing. i am having trouble figuring out the content and however I know what the question is asking but the choices is having me second guess my self. Please help, I feel so empty, i have been tryign so hard to get back up and get back in the mood. I am writing the question out along with the answers after i take the test. is that help ful. please help on how i can increase my crtical thinking on the questions. i feel like i am ok with some content but the way to answer the question makes me nervous cause i keep thinking about how i failed. please help on how to block or negatives out.
  14. twotfruity98

    Kaplan versus Nclec Questions

    I used Kaplan's resources and still failed. i thought i knew the contents and the strategies that they provided for me. i reviewed all the question trainer and rationales. i don't understand what happened. please if someone know how i can use any strategy to pass please help. i really i'm down.
  15. twotfruity98

    Kaplan versus Nclec Questions

    I used all of kaplan's resources and did not pass. none of the questions i had on the nclex came on the exam. i utilized al the strategies but still was not able to pass. i thought i had passed when it shut off at 75 but when i found out i failed i was shocked i thought i had the correct answers. anyways good luck.
  16. twotfruity98

    failed at 75 second time 1st time 130

    I took my test on the 15th, I just reviewed my result on quick result and saw that i failed. This is my second time. The computer shut off at 75. I was so sure that I passed. the first time it shut off at 130. I had a pretty good understanding of the questions. Please someone explain to me what I did not do right. I also studied using Kaplan's materials. I thought I knew the strategies and the content. I don't even know now know what to do or how to start studying again and how i should start. Please someone give me some encouragement.