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Ok. Now I'm really frustrated. I was sitting in that room for over 3 hours and watching the questions count all the way to 265. I was the last person to leave. I'm not feeling very confident. I know... Read More

  1. by   mkkew
    I know of two that have passed after 265....I however did not. I know how you feel right now. The waiting is so nerve wrecking. I just took Kaplan and they told us that it comes down to your last question. If the last question is above the passing standard, right or wrong, you pass. If the last question is below passing, or near passing...right or wrong, you fail. Dont know how true that is....but, its in their book and website.
  2. by   luvabol
    mkkew I was taught the same thing...if you go all the way to 265 it means you are on the border the entire time. At the line between pass/fail and so it comes down to the last question. We were taught to take a break right before the last question (if you have enough time left) so that you are ready and fresh for magic 25! Good luck guys!
  3. by   LUVNURSING2008
    My classmate took the NCLEX-RN. She had 265 questions which took 5 hours. She Passed. Today she is a BSN, RN. Keep your head up. You will be successful!!!
  4. by   gifted87
    ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! People definitely pass the NCLEX with 265?s. Please don't feel discouraged. I know that having to sit there and answer each and every last question is disheartening but I know several people from my graduating class who passed the NCLEX with 265?s. It doesn't mean that you are stupid or anything bad, just keep your faith and try not to beat yourself up. Good luck!!!
  5. by   mkkew
    I am going to be testing again soon, and afraid to get the 265, however...knowing that you are still in the game that far into the exam is a little re-assuring. I would be more comfortable getting the 265 than it shutting off at any other number...than 75 of course.
  6. by   gifted87
    When I took my NCLEX I passed in 75 ?s and that is the amount that I prayed for. However, if your computer doesn't shut of at 75 try not to panic because it doesn't mean that you have failed. See it through to the end!
  7. by   BYUNurse
    Yes you can pass with 265 questions! I did last week even though I was beyond certain that I didn't pass. I had everything planned out for the next test. I even started studying because I figured if I got all 265 that I must have failed. Two days later I found out that I have a real RN License. Hope this gives you some hope as this forum did for me!
  8. by   FLDialysisRN
    I did take the exam for the second time and got all 265 darn questions and passed. WoooHooooo!!!!!
  9. by   BatonRougeNurse09
    i took the nclex today and had all 265 questions. My brain was NUMB when i left so if it grades mainly on the last 70 or so im SCREWED! I couldn't even think anymore after sitting in front of the computer for 5 1/2 hours! I wil let you all know just to see what the percentage of pass/fail is for persons who get 265 questions. My fiance said that he had heard that it has a control that some people will get all 265 no matter what...I think that may just be a rumor. I didn't study i will be honest, so if i don't pass i will know why I don't know why i did that so don't ask haha.
  10. by   kellyo74
    I passes NCLEX with 265 questions in July 2008. I was so over the torture. I still can't belive I actually passes!!!
  11. by   rebe
    My friend passed a week ago with 265!
  12. by   veeeeejj11
    hello there!! I'm new here!! just wanna share my experience.
    i took the Nclex-rn exam just this morning AUG 6, 09 at Gardena, CA.
    my computer shuts off at 138. and finished it for 3.5hours. now I'm worried that i did not do good with the exam.
    the computer kept throwing medication questions at me!! I had about 15 meds!! with different style of questions! there was Select all that apply questions for a one single drug, and many more! i also had SIX select all that apply questions, and one drug computation! most of my questions were on prioritization and delegation! and infection control, i also had uhmm what to include in the NCP of a certain disease, i got one herbal med question, no maternity question thank goodness, and a couple of growth and development questions!!!

    I'm really worried!! I can't sleep well tonight that is why I'm sharing my story!! i hope i nailed the exam!! the results will take about 2-3 weeks i think!! help me ease my burden! anyone?!!! waaaaaaaaaaahhhh i don't know what to do!!! i
  13. by   Lindap126
    My best friend passed at 265~!!! So, it's definitely possible and a blessing to make it through all those questions and to pass! Yay!