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  1. medic97RN09

    Negotiating my salary is exhausting!

    Just to clarify, on your 2nd day of orientation they changed what they were going to offer you? If so, walk away and cut your losses. If this is what they do on the 2nd day. Guess what they are going to do on the 3rd day...
  2. medic97RN09

    Balancing school, work, family

    Going to nurse practitioner (NP) school requires a tremendous time commitment which will take time away from your toddler. Only you can balance the scales and decide whether or not the sacrifices you will need to make are worth the time away from your family. YES, you can go back to school (at any age) and get your NP. However, there is a price to pay because your focus is on school/papers/tests and not being able to simply relax and enjoy family time. With that said, I have precepted several female NP students who had both a FT job AND small children while attending NP school. If they could do it, you certainly can, however, you better have a supportive spouse/family.
  3. medic97RN09

    Do I need to keep RN license active?

    North Carolina requires one to maintain both their RN and NP license (see below). I would bet that all if not the majority of states have the same requirement. I recommend that you look through your state Board of Nursing rules/laws/regulations. Once you have the regulations pulled up on a web page, type CTRL-F (this is the shortcut for "find"), then type in "Registered Nurse" This will allow you to quickly scan the NP rules/regulations/laws fairly quickly to find the answer you are looking for. North Carolina Rules/Regulation/Laws SUBCHAPTER 32M - APPROVAL OF NURSE PRACTITIONERS 21 NCAC 32M .0103 NURSE PRACTITIONER REGISTRATION (a) The Board of Nursing shall register an applicant as a nurse practitioner who: (1) has an unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina and, when applicable, an unrestricted approval, registration
  4. medic97RN09

    Did any of you get your NP position without prior RN experience?

    I have nothing against anyone who attempts to further their education. However, I don't understand why anyone would go through all the headache of becoming a NP without EVER being a RN. A Physician Assistant can go from nothing to a PA with no problem. Someone who goes from nothing to NP raises flags in my mind. The FIRST question that ALWAYS pops in my head was why didn't you go to a PA program instead? The SECOND question that pops in my head is were you TOO GOOD to work as a nurse? With that said, this past Friday at our practice, we had a "roundtable" interview for a potential candidate (NP) to join our practice. I can honestly tell you if that person had ZERO experience as a RN they would NEVER have received an invitation for an interview. Just to be 100% clear, this is NOT my intent to start a FLAME war. This is NOT a personal attack. Its just MY honest 2 cents. I graduated from a bridge program myself and went from nothing to NP. However, I was ADAMANT about being able to put on my resume that i had 4 years of FULL TIME ICU experience on my resume. I paid my "dues" as a RN and in my opinion, my resume shows this. If you spend any time perusing the discussion boards on Allnurses.com you will see numerous posts of NP's experiencing difficulty obtaining employment. In the city where I live the University is churning out class after class of BOTH Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners PLUS there are 4 other NP/PA programs within a 3 hour drive churning them out also. UNLESS you networked your way into a job. UNLESS you know a physician who is ready to hire you already. You would not be able to find a top-tier employer willing to hire you in my area. (Even if you have a 4.0 GPA)
  5. medic97RN09

    Physician Extender ???

    I could care less what i'm called. On a daily basis, I get called Doctor, Nurse, Extender, Physician Assistant, Resident, Medical Student, Provider, and even sometimes a**hole when I don't fill a narcotic Rx. What motivates me is providing high-quality care and making a connection with patients in order to make a difference in their healthcare needs. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask me if I can be their PCP (instead of the doctor they've seen for many years) OR patients tell me they "opened up" to me and confided in me things they've never discussed with their PCP. Every day I routinely see patients who give me the ole "stink eye" when i walk in the door but leave with their respect and confidence in my capability to manage their health. These are the things that let me know that I am making a difference and earning the respect of patients, staff, and peers. Not whether or not someone calls me a Nurse Practitioner or not. So, as Ray Jay Johnson Jr used to say... You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, or you can call me Johnson...
  6. medic97RN09

    A question for NP's - What if our school preceptorship isn't so great?

    You (personally) have to make the best of your clinical exposure! I am getting ready to leave the house in less than 5 mins to spend all day in GYN clinical. I am a male A/GNP student in a GYN setting. I feel like a fox in a hen house. I have to fight and claw for every patient encounter that I get. Now don't get me wrong, the staff is great and my preceptor is awesome but as soon as the patients see a male they are like "NO! I don't want to see a (male) NP student". Thats Ok, I make the best of my clinical every time I show up. I listen, I spend time on the microscope practicing, I review charts, I overhear a patient has XYZ and I start looking it up on UpToDate to become more familiar, and I am constantly picking my preceptors brain about any GYN guidelines, medications, etc. If I was in your shoes, I would take one of the harder patients after they were reviewing and perform a chart audit. Look up every diagnosis, medicine, etc and then ask questions. Why did you do XYZ, why not this. What were your differentials, etc. Hope this helps.
  7. medic97RN09

    Test taking realxation techniques

    I don't study any the day of a test. I basically get into my test taking zone and i don't stress by taking a f***it attitude. If you don't know it by now, you're not going to get the material by cramming trivia at the last minute. Now afterwards, alcohol is a good stress relief! C
  8. medic97RN09


    I am getting nervous myself. I'm gonna schedule to take the NCLEX at the end of this month. Everyone has told me that i'm gonna do fine and that i'm gonna pass with no problems. I still don't believe them and i'm just gonna spend the month of August stressing and studying. C
  9. medic97RN09

    Doctor Shortage-Who Should Fill the Gap?

    I enjoyed reading the CNN article and looking at the different viewpoints. Michael Jones (Physician Assistant) made a comment that experienced (10+ yrs) midlevels should be able allowed to sever their ties to physicians in order to lower the costs to patients. I am curious to know if the cost savings would be passed on to the patients or if they will just pocket the difference? I also enjoyed reading the doctor's and the medical student's defense of their turf. :) C
  10. medic97RN09

    I passed my nclex first time

  11. medic97RN09

    Do people really pass after 265 Questions-NCLEX

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm going to take my NCLEX later this month and I'm scared that i will freak out if i'm stuck in that room for 5 hours to hit 265. C
  12. medic97RN09

    VENT--no call after my interview.

    The whole hiring process is well, a process. I was offered an interview but it took 2 months before I finally was able to get a little face time with the manager. Luckily for me, they told me that i should hear something from HR within a couple of days. HR called me at 9am the next morning. So either the sun/moon/stars were in alignment or i was just plain lucky. C
  13. medic97RN09

    should a person work if they don't have to while in school?

    I would say it depends on your grades. If you can maintain your GPA and work, by all means, i would recommend keeping on working. I know that others will tell you to stay at home and study BUT i would disagree. Working would be a great stress relief when you can't stew about your nursing instructor ripping your paper apart because you didn't follow APA format. Plus, the extra money comes in handy when you need a drinking binge following a bad day at school/clinical. C
  14. medic97RN09

    School Supplies: Anything out of the ordinary needed?!

    Buy a 1/2 gallon or gallon size jug of Tylenol & Motrin. :)
  15. medic97RN09

    Pulse Oximetry Monitoring- HELP!

    I've just finished my rotation on Cardiac ICU and i experienced the same problem. My preceptor used neonatal POX probes and put them on the patients ear lobe. Seemed to work every time. C
  16. medic97RN09

    ECU MSN-AE Program 2008

    2007Mom, First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on getting into the program! To answer your question, it all depends on you and the amount of stress that you are willing to put up with. We have a lot of people in our class that are from the Raleigh/Cary/Apex area. I know that several of the girls rented an apartment together and they drive home every weekend. (They don't have any children.) I also know of several that drive back and forth to class every day. (Two of them have small children.) I just glanced at my Fall 2008 calendar. We had class all day every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We also had either 2 Mondays or 2 Fridays in late October, (the class was split in 1/2), that we were "exposed" to nursing practice in a nursing home. We also had 2 days the week of Thanksgiving break that we were "exposed" to nursing practice in a hospital setting. Assuming that your schedule will be the exact same as mine, you should be able get an apartment and just stay three days a week. (Provided that you can get loads of quality study time on the weekends.) For the Spring 2009 semester, we have clinicals every Monday and Tuesday. We have exams every week or every other week on Wednesdays and we have class all day Thursday. We've also had 2-3 activities scheduled on Fridays. The rumors that i've heard so far is that for the 1st Summer Session we are in clinicals all day every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and we have class all day Friday. For the 2nd Summer Session for our clinical capstone, we have to work with a preceptor for 36 hours a week for 5 weeks. You have to work whatever your preceptor does so if they work straight nights or weekends, you will too. Again, i think that only you can answer your question. I think that if your husband could find a job and move to Greenville that this would be the easiest on your marriage and you would get to see your two year old every night. Unfortunately, with the economy in the tank & your husband being able to find a descent job plus being able to sell your home for a decent price, it might be easier financially to just get an apartment with a room-mate. Unfortunately, you have a LOT of studying that you will have to do each week. The dilemma for you will be study, spend time with the husband, or spend time with your two year old. Regrettably, for you to do well in this program, studying will have to come first. Whatever you decide to do, if you need assistance with finding an apartment or if you and the husband need a tour of Greenville (house hunting), give me a call and i will help in whatever way that i can.