did u get a lot of meds question in NCLEX??? - page 2

if u did, how many??? im really bad at this area, and i really dont think i can better at this any time soon.. thanks! :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   Imafloat
    I had about 4 med questions. The first two were easy, the third one was about a med that is advertised on TV, and the fourth one was a med I haven't heard of.
  2. by   MauraRN
    I took my NCLEX yesterday at 0900. NO med calculations on mine. Just my luck because I studied them HARD. I had at least 25 diet/nutrition types of questions, probably because that is my weakness. I think there is a sick and twisted wizard in the computer programming each test.
  3. by   bmmagic
    I took the NCLEX-RN 3 times (Aug, Oct, and Dec 11, 2006). On the 1st exam, I believe I had 2 medical calculation problems that were really easy and on the 2nd and 3rd test I had 1 problem like this.

    On the 1st exam, one was calculating a pill's quantity by converting from micrograms to milligrams. The others were various forms of IV drip rate calculations. The info given may include mL/hr and the gtt/mL of the tubing and you need to know how to find the gtt/min. Easy stuff.

    On each test, I had quite a few questions that asked when a med should be taken and with what (nothing, water, food, etc.). I recall one asking what I'd do if a particular med was ordered (give, hold, contact the MD, etc.). On my 2nd exam, I had 2 questions regarding herbal medications (like garlic).

    Isolation precautions were frequently asked about. I had a "select all that apply" type one for this and for a medication's side effects.

    Diet and nutrition were on mine a lot too. Knowing what foods have various nutrients is a good idea.

    Crutch walking was on 2 of my tests.
  4. by   chichimitchi
    wow thats really helpfun bmmagic! thanks a lot! :Santa3: almost christmas! fun!
  5. by   RGN1
    I hardly had any med questions, those I did were the "select all that apply" types.

    I would say more than 50% (well it felt to me like almost every question but I know it couldn't have been) of my exam was made up of really hard priority questions with definite "ABC" red-herrings in there.

    The rest were infection control & a couple of delgation types.

    I totally echo about learning the drugs in groups (I posted that advice ages ago in answer to someone's specific question on the subject.) I also tell that to all the student nurses I work with. It really does help make sense of the drugs. Learn the overall side effects for the group (e.g. Beta blockers) helps you get to grips with the whole thing better & in more organised, bite-sized pieces.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    i took the nclex a week ago and mind you...sigh.... took the never ending questions til 265. i think it hit me right through my weakest point! 80% the questions/scenarios asked wer Drugs related. drugs that i, in my whole nursing profession, didnt know they exists... and this is for real! the irony is, i cannot even remember even a single question from the test!

    altho the experience really is scary, and i daubt at this moment that i pass, nclex is not a uniform exam for everyone. questions varies from 1 participant to another. so keep up, study harder... be positive... even tho i havent got my result yet, i am already preparing for the next exam:P winks... work on your weak side... thats what i learned after the exam:P
    and good luck!
  7. by   mauloa
    good luck londongal. i have to bet you pass with flying colors when are you going to take the exam mitchi? wish us all luck. my judgment day will be on dec. 18th. whew! hey, i'm from the philippines, too but i'm here in hawaii now.

    :1luvu: princess
  8. by   greasy
    I am a intsructot and have never heard of that book. Where did you find it??
  9. by   greasy
    OOPs I didn't check my e-mail before I sent it. I was typing fast. I do know how to spell instructor
  10. by   mauloa
    You are funny, greasy!
  11. by   chichimitchi
    Quote from pmadams
    good luck londongal. i have to bet you pass with flying colors when are you going to take the exam mitchi? wish us all luck. my judgment day will be on dec. 18th. whew! hey, i'm from the philippines, too but i'm here in hawaii now.

    :1luvu: princess
    yes i will e taking the exam, around june next year, i know it might seem like a long time away but i started studying last month and i really want to get organized regarding my study plan, so to start, i wanna get better with drugs coz this is the last thing that i wana be getting tested for.. i agree when people say that it will probably focus on ur weakness.. thanks for helping guys! it really really helps!

  12. by   dijaqrn
    Exam Cram is a great book, I found it to be most like the NCLEX. There are two versions, one is questions in book form and on CD. The other is the same but includes review sections. The NCSBN has a great online pharmacology class too. Goodluck!
  13. by   rags
    I came across EXAM CRAM at Hastings book store when I was looking for the Kaplan book. I bought it on a chance it might be good (and because I REALLY wanted the pull out study sheet that is included). It is IMO one of the best books out there to prepare with. I wouldn't use it alone but along with Kaplan and Saunders. I think the 3 together was a good combination. I did not use the EXAM CRAM that contains only questions but did want to purchase it. If I had to do it again I would definatly include it... But I PASSED THIS TIME! So... no need! YIPPIE :biere::flowersfo:roll:hatparty: