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hello, i am new here... i am from phil. but took my boards in cali. and i failed @ 75. now, i do not know where i will start to study - felt so depressed. and i haven't filed for retake coz i'm still... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from Epona
    Hi. I have a question for you all. I am on loans that I do not have to pay back until 6 mos. after I graduate. Say I graduate and then I take the NCLEX and fail and then have to wait to take again and then fail and so forth (HOPEFULLY that will not happen), but what about the loan repayment?? Can you keep deferring it, or after the 6 mos. and you don't pass boards are you outta luck?? Yikes.

    Loan repayment starts six months from when you graduate, they do not take into account when you passed the does not get deferred because you did not pass.

    Just another reason to want to pass the first time.
  2. by   Epona
    Yikes. Thanks Suzanne for that insight!!!
  3. by   seasider
    Good luck in taking the exam. XD
  4. by   NTD574458
    Hey, I am new here too and I have taken the NCLEX 4 times so far and have yet to pass!! So I know how you are feeling right now.!! I am sooo discouraged that I want to start a new career at this point. I love Nursing but I just dont think I can go through this anymore. I think you should definitely keep trying though. Practice lots of questions and if you know anyone that can help tutor you then do that. I am getting tutored 1 on 1 with a nursing instructor right now and it seems to be helping alot!! Good luck but your not the only one....
  5. by   dyurdz
    it's ok... just keep on trying... you're not alone... ('',)
  6. by   Allicatz
    I failed the first time too. I think I used too many sources and ended up confusing myself.
  7. by   Allicatz
    I had to start repaying my loans...
    It didnt matter that I havent passed the NCLEX- they went from the date that I graduated. I called, but no such luck on getting them deferred.
  8. by   *RNwannabe*
    i've not even close to getting to take that test but i have been doing lots of research. does the community college at where you live offer NCLEX class. the cc over at where i live does and many i've heard of have found that to be very helpful if your one to find it hard to study on your own. if not you can buy books and read them.

    failing that test is very depressing, but think about the postive side.. you only have that test left to take and you can be an RN, and not everyone pass their first time some have to take it more than twice to pass. you are almost done.
  9. by   Hudson83
    I am currently waiting on my results, but dont have a good feeling about it. what is suzanne's plan all about and how can I start using it if I did not pass?
  10. by   caliotter3
    Quote from Hudson83
    I am currently waiting on my results, but dont have a good feeling about it. what is suzanne's plan all about and how can I start using it if I did not pass?
    Suzanne's Plan is no longer offered on this site and Suzanne does not post here lately. Basically, if you get the Saunders Comprehesive Review and study from there you have the nuts and bolts. Good luck.
  11. by   Stanique
    Hey this is only your 1st try so try not to be depress, but develop a plan as to what you are going to do. I am in my second year in a BSN program but I have been working as an LPN. I failed the Enclex on my 1st try so, what I did was never stop revieving for a few month. I reveiwing everyday I retook the test and passed. With Godall things are possible. You can do it so have the confidence in yourself and it will happen. Some nurses failed afew times before they could pass and today they are great nurses! All the best to you!:redpinkhe