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Hi guys! Im studying for my NCLEX-RN test and i found the issue of Cushing syndrome and Addison disease very confusing. IS hyperkalemia occurs in Addison disease? Because i remember that high... Read More

  1. by   phat
    I got confused there as well.

    The exact question is "The nurse reviews the lab results for a client with a diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome. Which of the following findings would the nurse expect to note in this client?"

    a.blood glucose of 110mg/dl
    b.potassium level of 5.5 meq/l
    c.wbc of 6000 u/l
    d.platelet of 200,000 u/l

    I answered A. But it says the correct one is B.
    Rationale says:

    The client with Cushing’s syndrome experiences hyperkalemia, hyperglycemia, an elevated WBC count, and an elevated plasma cortisol and ACTH levels. These abnormalities are due the effects of excess glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids in the body. The laboratory values noted in options 1, 3, and 4 would not be noted in the client with Cushing’s syndrome.
  2. by   llovering
    I got the same question - it's clearly wrong. I think that's pretty crummy that they would have an answer like that on an NCLEX review question! I hope no one misses a question on their NCLEX because of that! I was definitely confused, as I have always learned that hyperkalemia results from Addison's and not Cushing's! Someone needs to fire their editor, LOL!
  3. by   caliotter3
    I think publishers have an obligation to provide corrections to errors in their material.
  4. by   notthereyet0
    Wow, that is a big mistake!!! Especially for people here who are trying to cram it all in their heads!
  5. by   flyezz
    Oh my God i just saw this questions also i was confused and i knew it was wrong because i know that hyperkal is with addision and not cushings.
    I was using Sandras ncelx rn review 5th edition

    p.s. because of this i decided to regisiter on this website, i have been on it for years but have not registered
  6. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from Woman_in_love
    Its CD from the book Saunder's "Comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN" examination" by L.A.Silvestri.
    I like this book but i guess as a human beings they do mistakes sometimes.
    There was a question like this
    What would you expect in client with Cushing syndrome.
    1)Glucose 110 mg/dl
    2) White cells-6000

    I answered the glucose thing and CD answer was potassium-5.5
    It's probably a boo-boo that question, but but of those answers, I would have picked 4 just because it is the only one out of range at all.

    Saunders lists hypokalemia as part of the assessment data for Cushing's in Table 54-1, p653.
  7. by   Yownyown
    i also answered 4.... Cushing - hypokalemia

    im kinda surprised and confused with Saunder's answer...oh well,Nobody is perfect...