Confused about pearson vue trick? And when CA get pass/fail letter after nclex?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Sorry but i'm a bit confused about the steps of the pearson vue trick.

    Now, we HAVE TO put in credit card information and click to next page to get pop up or proceed on.

    But.... I am afraid of getting charged so can I just put in fake/random numbers for the card? Or do i have to use real credit card? If I put in random numbers and it says card number is invalid and have to input numbers again, is this the bad pop up? (No right? Since the bad pop up is when it lets you proceed to register for the test again?)

    I have heard of people using expired cards/no money gift cards and it works?

    Can i just buy a visa gift card for like $25 and try this trick? But what if it does register and there's no enough money on the card for the test, will this looks bad/won't let me register?

    Also..... I just barely took my NCLEX but how long to find out you pass? How do you find this out on the breeze website? Just register for breeze?

    And if not using breeze.... how long for pearson vue to send you letter of pass/fail?

    Sorry for such novice questions but thank you for your time!
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  3. by   mag426
    Hi, I can help you out with PVT question, since I just did it myself on Wednesday and got the good pop so I'm awaiting my quick results at 8am. But I used a old debit card that had like 0.01 on it, but I've heard of using your current card and just changing the expiration date. But if it lets you register or if it tells you the card is declined and to try another form of payment that is the bad pop up. If it tells you that our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time. That is the good pop up. Yes you can use a prepaid gift card with a low amount, you either will get the good pop up or the bad one.

    The card I used had no money but if you get the good pop up it doesn't attempt to charge your card at all. Hope this helps! All my friends that have passed recently have done the trick and have gotten the good pop up. The one's that have received the bad pop up, unfortunately have failed.

    I live in Massachusetts so I cannot help you with the CA questions, I hear that you guys don't participate in quick results.
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  4. by   Summers3
    Thank you for such a quick reply! Sorry for the confusion, but if that's the case.... can I just make up my own number for the card or do you have to actually use a real card number (even if expired or no money on it)?

    Sorry, i thought bad pop up is when your card does go through and it lets you register for test again? So there are multiple bad pop ups?

  5. by   mag426
    No problem. Yes it needs to be a real card number. I used my real debit card that had some change on it, literally 1 penny. Well think of it this way if you don't have the full $200.00 on your card how will Pearson Vue successfully charge you, so you will see declined which means they tried to charge you aka the bad pop up.
  6. by   mag426
    I did the trick when I took the exam the first time back in June and my card had more money but not the full $200.00 so I got the declined message at the end and I knew from that point I failed. They tried to charge me for another exam but I didn't use a card with $200.00 or above because I wasn't ready to risk being charged just yet even if I failed.
  7. by   Summers3
    Oh I see! I was just scared of being charged since I'm not ready to reschedule even if i did fail. It's cause in my past experience, even if i don't have enough money, my transactions still goes through but I get a overdraft fee from the bank... So I initially didn't want to risk using my real card even if I barely have money on it. And I read somewhere that someone was charged even if they charged their expiration number.

    I think just to ease my mind about just being safe, i might buy a $5 visa card or something and try it..... I really feel so nervous and felt bad after taking the exam today! And I am in CA so we don't have quick results or else i would have done that.

    Oh, and may i please ask how people also do the Breeze website to check? Apparently, you just log in and if you pass, your name and license number is there?

    Congratulations on getting the good pop up this time!!!! May i please ask that was your second time taking the test more... easier? I know "easier" is probably not the accurate word to use since every test is so different but may i please ask the difference you felt taking it the second time?

    Thank you again for your time, Mag426!!!!!
  8. by   rnby21
    a few ways I knew I failed last month (in CA):
    -bed pop up- moved money out of my checking and the "enter a valid card" pop up appeared
    -my nclex app disappeared off breeze by I think 2 business days later
    -official letter arrived 8 days after exam

    You most likely passed but hope this helps! Keep yourself busy until you see your name on the website
  9. by   Summers3
    Dear rnby21,
    Thank you for your encouragement and support but I just feel so bad anxiety right now about it. I walked out of there feeling like I have instantly failed.

    I didn't realize the nclex app disappeared off breeze that quickly! So even though I am from CA and we don't have quick results, we can use breeze to see if our license number appeared or not....

    I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't pass last month but please be reassured that I am sure you will do just fine on this next one!

    Again, thank you for your time and support through this anxious time. I wish you only the best in your test and future nursing career.
  10. by   mag426
    By no means was it easier, but I went in with more confidence then last time since I knew how the process went (palm scan, tutorial, etc..) I took my time and prayed every so often and took deep breaths. I used the pad they give you to write on, I didn't use it last time. So I basically got comfortable or tried to get as comfortable you can get taking a standardized exam lol I think that helps ease your nerves so that you don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    I studied for this exam for close to two months. Since I seen the FAILED result when I paid for the quick July 1st. Took me a week or two to get into the grove and get over being mad at myself but then I was motivated to get it this second time and put this exam behind me. I hope it paid off!!

    I'm anxiously awaiting 8am currently at work 11-7:15 so I will pay for the quick results after 8am. I will keep you posted on my results to see if this PVT trick really worked.
  11. by   Summers3
    Dear mag426,

    I am sure that the trick is mostly accurate for a great majority of people so I believe it's in your favor! Best of luck to you and in your nursing career.

    Thank you for your elaboration on your exam experience. I don't want to take it again but i have to be ready for the worst results so I figured I just wanted to ask you about your own experience. Thank you for sharing!

    Also, did your feeling after the test were any different? more confident maybe?

    And if you don't mind me asking, how did you change your study habits or test taking skills?

    Thanks again! I hope you have a great time celebrating after you get your results and have a good day at work.
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  12. by   mag426
    After the exam my heart still dropped a little when the screen went blue but I felt better like more at ease and not confused. The first time around my exam stopped at 75 but this time it stopped a little after I got to 100 took me a little under 2 hours to complete because I took my time this time around.

    I walked out and didn't know how to feel but I got in my car and called my mother and told her all about it. lol She was the only person that knew I was testing so she was my go to person for the day. We agreed not to do the trick and just wait out the two days but around 1:30pm I started getting anxious and went ahead and did it anyways.

    Almost wanted to cry when I got the good pop up (because of getting the bad one the first time) but told myself I would save that for the unofficial "official" results on Thursday morning.
  13. by   Summers3
    Thank you for sharing. I am very happy for you that you got the good pop up this time! Thank you again for your time and best of luck with you in your career!
  14. by   mag426
    Thank you and I wish you the best also, I hope you passed!