California LVN's question (nclex results)

  1. Hello,
    I have just heard some things from LVN's I know that I want cleared up. It is in regards to NCLEX exam results. A couple california LVN's say if you PASSED the NCLEX get your results in 14 -16 days and if you FAIL the NCLEX you get your results in 21-28 days.

    How long did it take until you got your NCLEX results?

    Did you pass or fail ?

    I am waiting impateintly for my results it's been 13 days and I havent recieved anything.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get your NCLEX-PN results mailed to you in the state of California. If you receive a small white envelope, in all likelihood you passed the NCLEX examination. If you receive a large 8 by 11 inch envelope that feels thick, you most likely failed. In other words, a small business-sized plain envelope is a good sign.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   cathieloves
    I had to take the NCLEX two times. The first time I took it I had all 205 questions and something in my stomach was saying that I did not do so well, and I was right. I failed it. The second time I took it, I had 85 questions and the computer shut off then. After I left the computer room, I spoke with the proctor and I told her what had happened to me the first time I took it. This time was 85 questions. She told me that this was a good sign. What do you think? I am very nervous.

    Signed: Anxious and Waiting
  5. by   deelpn85
    I just recently passed my nclex pn exam on my first try this April 08. was nervous as hell.

    I stopped at 85 questions. I keep hearing 85 means you either know your material very well, or you don't know it at all.

    it took me 5 looooooong weeks to get my results in the mail. YES ... 5 WEEKS and I did PASS. (I live in CA btw) so ... I don't think it matters how long it takes to get your results. it just depends on how slow they are grading these exams in sacramento.

    I got my passing results in an 8 by 11 inch white envelope. It was thin ( only abt 5 pages total.)

    Hope this helps.

    good luck!
  6. by   cathieloves
    Thank you DeeDee! I feel like my stomach is all in knots. All I can remember of the test is that the first question was a math question. I wish I could remember the rest, but I can't. I am really soooooo scared. It sure would mean alot to me if I passed this time. When I finally get my results, I will surely let you know. I am praying I did pass tho! Thanks again!
  7. by   deelpn85
    hope you passed cathieloves.
  8. by   cathieloves
    Thank you so much DeeDee! Tomorrow starts the going to the mailbox and being nervous again. I know you know what I mean. It would mean so much to me if I passed. My son and his wife are expecting my first grandchild at the end of next month and I know they are going to need my help. But anyway, thank you once again. I will let ya know!
  9. by   quiet

    Just want to ask ...does anyone know anybody who passed the NCLEX-PN
    who went up to 205 questions???

    just very anxious in getting my results...

    Thank you

  10. by   lvnhopeful
    Hello Quiet,

    I got 85 questions and passed, a friend of mine got 205, and she passed also. The way the test is structured, the computer keeps giving you harder questions if you answer correctly and easier questions if you answer wrong. You have convinced the computer that you basically know what you are doing so it is trying to ascertain what your particular level of knowledge is. Try to keep a stiff upper lip and hang in there.

    Whether you get 85 or 205 questions, most all people taking the test are convinced they failed because it (computer) adapts the next question based on how you answered the last. Its because if we missed so many questions on a test in school, we would fail.

    If you are located here in California, it took me and my class members about four weeks to get our results back.

    Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  11. by   quiet
    Thank you for your support lvnhopeful

    I live in Los Angeles, CA - It's been 3 weeks since I took my boards....
    approximately when do you get your results in the mail...???

    let me know, thank you

  12. by   lvnhopeful
    You're welcome Quiet.......

    I took my test on September 25th and got the results on October 25th. Everyone in class so far has gotten theirs at about one month. I guess the results can take longer, when I was reading about them early on it was taking about 7-8 weeks. It depends on the time of year from what others have been saying. If it's near graduation time, the results take longer because there are so many to process.

    They say patience is a virtue, but I think its over-rated

    So, you and I will sit here and wait for your results!

    And waiting.......................
  13. by   quiet
    205 questions.....and I passed *wine*wine*wine

    I finally got my results
    last Saturday - November 1
    (regular white envelope, thin 4 pages)
    exactly 19 days from the time I took my exam...

    I'm so Happy :rckn:

    Thanks again for the support lvnhopeful cheers to you!!!

    All the best to all!!!

    QUIET & CO.
  14. by   lvnhopeful
    :clphnds:i am soooooo happy for you!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!