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Anyone here already got their results from the mail from CA BON who took NCLEX this dec.?... Read More

  1. by   odobodoko
    Hi angelxeyes. Good luck to you. (for Ca Board)This is the web site, there is "permanent license verification" on the right click on it and then write your last name. Again best of good luck and keep us posted..
  2. by   suzanne4
    Quote from angelxeyes
    Congrats odobodoko! I was just wondering what site you went to to see your results? I took mine (nclex-pn) on Dec. 10th and still no results ..getting more and more discouraged as the days pass.
    Sorry, but for the LVN in CA, it doesn't work the same way as the RN. Remember that you have only paid for the exam, you have not paid for your license yet, so you will not see anything on the website. You will need to wait until you receive the letter by snail mail, and it is usually about 3 to 4 weeks, then you will need to sumbit payment to the BON, but not until you have received the letter.

    Hope that this helps.
  3. by   lawrence01
    Did everybone already got their results (mail or web) who took the NCLEX for CA on the 1st week of dec.?

    How bout those who took it on the 2nd and 3rd week of dec.?

    Post it here at this thread so that those who still have'nt received anything yet have a feel of when will they most likely receive their mail or see their name in the website.

    Thanks. :spin: :angel2:
  4. by   mangar
    Quote from odobodoko
    Hi again sora-sora. I didn't receive my result by mail yet.But I took my exam on Dec 9th and my license was issued on December 22nd. If they have sent it to me that day I should receive it around these days.
    I will let you know when I get it. I wish you the best. I understand your situation my life was on hold untill I get my result.
    ITIN is Individual Identification Tax Number.
    Hi odobodoko,

    Congratulations for passing your NCLEX!

    Just like to ask if you included your ITIN in your NCLEX application? I have a small blue paper card that says Social Security on top and "Not for Employment" with my Name and series of numbers. Is this the same as ITIN? I got this number many years ago to get a CA DMV-license. I dont live in the US, I just visit on tourist visa.

    I'm asking because I didnt put that number on my NCLEX application. I have an ATT already and will be taking my exam on March 06 in HK. I have a friend who took the exam on Dec. 15 also in HK but has no news yet about his results.

    Congrats again and Happey New Year

  5. by   suzanne4
    What you are talking about is the ITIN, but it is not normally accepted to meet the SSN# requirements for the license. Just think that someone did not pay attention to the series of numbers in the BRN office.

    The BRN wants to make sure that the nurse can legally work, and with the ITIN, they can't.
  6. by   odobodoko
    Hello Mangar,
    Thanks for the kind message. In the beginning I didn't include it in my application but later when I called them to ask something else, I asked them If I should've given them my ITIN number and the lady said yes and I gave it to her. I really don't know if they made a mistake?
    Suzanne, do you think they are going to change my license (I just received it yesterday, the best thing ever ) ? I hope not
    I also saw a post in here somebody was saying she has been issued a license with ITIN number, too..
    Thanks suzanne in advance for your response..:angel2:
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  7. by   suzanne4
    If they didn't take the time to see if it was an ITIN# and not a SSN#, it is their error. They are not going to take it away from you.

    Again, the entire purpose of providing a SSN#, it means that the nurse can legally work in the US as an RN.
  8. by   odobodoko
    Thank you suzanne..

    Happy new year..:wink2:
  9. by   sora-sora
    Hi everybody

    I passed NCLEX!!!!!!!I took 15th on December.I got mail today!!!!
  10. by   lawrence01
    Quote from sora-sora
    hi everybody

    i passed nclex!!!!!!!i took 15th on december.i got mail today!!!!
    congrats !!! happy new year !!! :hatparty:
  11. by   Tru
    Quote from sora-sora
    Hi everybody

    I passed NCLEX!!!!!!!I took 15th on December.I got mail today!!!!

    congratulations!!!!! my long waiting of agony is not yet over...waahhhh.....i took it on dec 23....
  12. by   lawrence01
    Quote from Tru®
    congratulations!!!!! my long waiting of agony is not yet over...waahhhh.....i took it on dec 23....
    So far what I noticed is that for the month of dec. it takes then an ave. of 2 weeks to process it and then another 7-10 days before it reaches your home (for overseas).
  13. by   eRyL
    hi to all nclex takers this december. & to those who are concern...ive taken my nclex rn dec 29, i have ssn# but until now i have no idea of the results even to BRN.this waiting time was so hard but i also still praying for a miracle.i know God hd bn wit me thru out the thinking maybe the delayed was bcuz of the holiday season..