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Greetings my fellow Colleagues, I'm brand new to this website and to be honest, I found the social network literally this week while I was freaking out over my NCLEX which was scheduled 1/17/2013.... Read More

  1. by   honey2010
    Quote from SBrn1
    This might be a bad question but what's the difference between qbank and trainer? And which resembles the nclex more? Thanks!!!!
    Hello, I am enrolled in Kaplan On Demand and if I'm not mistaken, Question Trainers are the exams that you cannot customize by topic/ numbers. The qbank are also practice tests (just like question trainers) but you can choose the topics you want to answer (or you can also answer all questions on ALL topics) and you can also choose how many questions you want to answer.
  2. by   DatMurse
    Diagnostic:49% I doubted myself a lot on these 2
    Q1: 41 A lot of doubts within myself
    Q2: 61 Took the test fast, confidence
    Q3: 50, a lot of information I never seen or knew about
    Q4: 64 I got a lot of easy stuff wrong, hard stuff right.

    Diagnostic: 61.44%

    Qbank Avg: 62% correct 36% of material has been covered

    Focus on weakpoints. the big ones for me were
    Eriksons stage and age appropriate toys/interactions
    everything about Fetal monitoring
    Myelograms and Pyelograms
    TV is horrid distraction for alzheimers
    Hip contractures
  3. by   Billy11
    Hello anh_thule,

    Thank you for your post. I will be taking the nclex in February and have similar trainer scores.

    I know you mentioned that it was your second time taking the exam. May I ask what you did differently from the first vs the second time around?

    Many thanks.
  4. by   RN59217
    Hi. I just took the test yesterday. I don't have access to Kaplan anymore 'cause my course ended yesterday as well (hence why I scheduled it as my test day). From what I remember, my Diagnostic was 57, around the 60s for QT 1-5. I took those kind of early in the Kaplan course. I didn't like the scores I was getting so I took a break and studied the content etc. When I went back to do QT 6 I think I got a 72. QT 7 was a 78 and Readiness (I took before QT 6) was a 70. I covered about 60% of QBank and my average score was 62%.

    If you are doing that well on the Kaplan quizzes, you may find that the actual NCLEX is much more difficult than you were anticipating.

    Since you're going to get a lot of questions right in the beginning, you'll clearly be above passing level, which will mean a good 3/4 of the test is full of very difficult questions, since the test is adaptive to your level.

    Ultimately I passed in 75 questions. My state issued my license # today even though I don't get my Quick Results till tomorrow. But since so much of my test was upper level questions, I felt like Kaplan hardly prepared me at all. I had maybe a handful of "who do you see first" questions, I happened to get no hot spots at all. Only two ordered responses. I had TONS and I mean TONS of SATA's. So Kaplan was great for reviewing content, but the types of questions that were asked of me, I felt that Kaplan did diddly squat to prepare me for.

    Then there's all the students in my class who I guess were floating around passing level who said that the NCLEX was a cake walk and they passed it with little preparation. I would have loved to have taken their test! Mine was incredibly challenging!

    In the end though, I'm a Registered Nurse officially now so it doesn't matter! Ha! Just wanted to prepare you for what you might be facing on test day though.
  5. by   DragonflyLady17
    Thanks for your input. Yeah I am not used to getting Kaplan scores around the 60s. I feel like I am failing, but I heard they are harder than the NCLEX and I am going to keep doing more questions till exam date!
  6. by   Arusha

    My diagnostic is 61

    Q1 69
    Q2 53
    Q3 56
    Q4 59
    Q5 57
    Q6 59

    Readiness 65.56
    Q-bank 56 with 75% covered

    I still have to take Q7 and finish 25% of the Q-bank.
    I am so nervous, I have my exam in 4 days... What do you guys think?

    Thank you!!
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  7. by   Riddler929
    Hey Arusha,
    How did you do?!? I have been watching this blog because we have very very similar scores and I am curious as to how I am holding up thus far!

    If you don't mind sharing, of course.

    My results on Kaplan are as follows so far:
    Diagnostic: 63
    Q1: 61
    Q2: 55
    Q3: 59
    Q4: 50
    Q5: 57

    Still need to take 6&7 and with 39% complete I am at 52. I have not yet taken the readiness test.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide me. I do appreciate it.
  8. by   pinkyfromtheblock
    Hi all,

    I am taking NCLEX next week and I am more than poopeD!!

    QT1: 60
    QT2: 55
    QT3: 58
    QT4: 63
    QT5: 54
    QT6: 59
    QT7: 3 days from now.

    Is this an okay score? Or should I even consider rescheduling my test date?
  9. by   pinkyfromtheblock
    Hi all,

    I am taking NCLEX next week and I am more than poopeD!!

    QT1: 60
    QT2: 55
    QT3: 58
    QT4: 63
    QT5: 54
    QT6: 59
    QT7: 3 days from now.

    Is this an okay score? Or should I even consider rescheduling my test date?
  10. by   Riddler929
    Ok, I just wanted to share with anyone that is reading and looking for any type of relief or reassurances. I have now completed all of my Kaplan review work. I have successfully taken all of the QT tests, I have taken roughly 25% of the QBank with 54% scoring. My testing scores are as follows:
    Diagnostic: 63
    QT1: 61
    QT2: 55
    QT3: 59
    QT4: 50
    QT5: 57
    QT6: 56
    QT7: 60

    My readiness test is a 62 and I am taking my boards on Monday, February 10th 2014 @ 8a.m.

    Plan is tomorrow to finish up as many of the QBank questions as I can and finalize myself for Monday's test. It's go time! Wish me luck. Good luck to everyone out there that is using these posts as a "helper" tool! I only know they've given me a sigh of relief. Especially when I read that someone else, who has shared my struggle, posts a passing result! Good luck and good night!

    Also, I don't know if this link is valid or helpful in determining where you stand, but I used it and think I am in good shape if it's accurate!

  11. by   RN2BEDREAM
    Best of luck to you!
  12. by   Riddler929
    Just an update, if the trick is any consolation as to the performance we have, I will be retesting for the NCLEX. Shut off in 102 questions, but when I got home, I was able to register again. I do not think I passed, but I will not let that stop me from passing the boards! I will be reposting when I get another date and subsequently pass this test! Until I get the final result of "pass", I will not faulter!!!!
  13. by   Gotta'LoveNurses
    I hope you passed Riddler!!! I was wondering if you could update us?