anybody there who's still waiting for their results thru gound mail?

  1. I am :smackingf anxiously waiting for the mail from CA bon here at home. I wish Ca would participate on quick results.

    Peers kindly raise a hand who's also dealing with centuries old agony.

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  3. by   justmejaime
    same here. still waiting for my result. took my nclex rn march 29. still no posting online and negative thru mail.
  4. by   Hollywood RN
    i took it 3.31 and got the bad news in the mail on 4.12
    (CA BON)
  5. by   Hollywood RN
    you can call and see if it was mailed and when
  6. by   wdiehl
    i was wondering does it matter if you get your results soon or not like if you failed would you get it earlier than four weeks or does it matter has anyone got there results at four weeks and failed? and has anyone out there ran out of time and passed at 90 no one seems to be responding unless there is no one out there that has experienced what i have. anyway i took mine 3-20 and still no results. www
  7. by   justmejaime
    sad to hear that futurenursing, how many questions you got? thus this mean i'm probably waiting for a bad one.. i failed? i was wonderin' what could've been the hold up. do i still have a chance to get a gud news..
  8. by   jessi.rn
    i got mine after 14 days ca bon and failed.
  9. by   ArielleLVN
    i had my test on march 22 and got my resoult today... i passed!!!
  10. by   ashley_michelle
    I took the nclex back in sept.. it took about 2 weeks to get the news. Time isn't an indicator of if you passed/failed. It took nearly two weeks for them to tell me I passed. Actually, it took longer. I saw on the state licensure site that my status had changed before I got my letter.. Don't stress, I'm sure you're okay. =) Find some fun, relaxing things to do in the meantime!
  11. by   Star712
    i took my test on april 2nd and i'm becoming more of a wreck as the waiting time goes by... i had all 205 questions and i really dont feel confident about it. there was so much i didnt know
  12. by   wdiehl
    took the nclex-pn on 3/20 and got the results today and failed, it was three days shy of 4weeks and the envelope was thick so i knew before i opened it that i failed because of the explanations and re-registration papers anyway
    i feel like crap but i will get passed this my mind focus is on not being so stressed and taking a different approach to the test date im pissed now because i know i can do this i ran out of time i took too much time on the questions i will sooo practice on my speed thanks everyone for this cool site it has helped me alot www
  13. by   tinamexdoll
    I Took my boards on 03/27 I had 205 questions, still no results. I called the board today and they said they were mailed out Fri 13th. they looked up my ssn and said there waiting for my background clearance before they can send my results so hopefully thats a good sign.
  14. by   justmejaime
    sorry to hear that wdiehl... seems like everyone that's been waiting for their results longer than the 10 day average waiting time are gettin' bad news.. gosh.. maybe im also wating for a bad one... took mine 3/29. stopped at 75... no posting on the web. called the bon several times already and they keep sayin they really dont have my results yet. how can that be possible???they still don't have it.. guess i should prepare myself for something..... if ever i too fail.. it'll be really hard for me to digest.. i did everything, and i thought i did well in the exam.. i really do.. this one is really killin' me...