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I am :smackingf anxiously waiting for the mail from CA bon here at home. I wish Ca would participate on quick results. :nurse: Peers kindly raise a hand who's also dealing with centuries old... Read More

  1. by   justmejaime
    i guess thats a good sign..tinamexdoll. how come when i get to ask them about my result, they keep sayin' they still dont have it. even asked them when are they planning to mail it still the same response, no results yet.. i wonder if its true. i took mine in San Francisco Peason Center. will this matter???
  2. by   tinamexdoll
    Justmejaime, when you call do you give them your ssn and tell them when you tested? you should be getting your results anyday. just try to call again and ask if someone else could help you. good luck
  3. by   bubba04
    I took my test in feb of 07. my name never popped up on the BON..then 4 weeks later I got the bad news in the mail. i just took the nclex this past friday and did not see my name on the BON so I am assuming that I will get that letter again. I have heard that some people get the good new via mail and that it just takes longer for them to process the results. hopefully that will be my case for the second time around.

    good luck to all of us.
  4. by   justmejaime
    yes tinamexdoll, i gave my ss# my fille # checked my add if they got it right..told them when i took the exam, still no luck..
  5. by   tinamexdoll
    they say it takes from two to four weeks. just hope & pray you will get it soon. your four weeks will be 04/29 right.?
  6. by   tinamexdoll
    jaime your took the Rn ? ususally you could find out in three days? or calling and paying a fee for your results.
  7. by   YAJRN
    Quote from yajrn
    i am :smackingf anxiously waiting for the mail from ca bon here at home. i wish ca would participate on quick results.

    peers kindly raise a hand who's also dealing with centuries old agony.

    praise to jesus praise to god... adonai...i got a thin envelop today shutdown 75 but i spent 4 hours on this..
    count me on your survey...
    thanks to suzzanne i just on stick to your plan.
    i also did nclex 2500, 3000 and ncbn and kaplan q trainer.

    :spin: i'm turning and turning to ecstacy yehey. no more study time. i also pass the cgfns. i took my cgfns and nclex last march. no more study time. yehey
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  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    congratulations YAJRN!!!
  9. by   kathykaye
    congrats yajrn!:hatparty: :smiley_aa :bowingpur
  10. by   bubba04
    The first time I took the test it took 5 weeks for them to send me a letter saying that I did not pass. I just took the test a little over a week ago and I just found out on the BON that I passed!!!!!

    so just wait. there can be many reasons why your results can be delayed. it took one of my classmates 6 weeks to find out that she passed.

    hang in there you guys.
  11. by   Miss LVN
    Took mine 4/4 and I'm waiting. This wait is a killer!!!! Mine shut off at 193 and it took me like almost 4 hours. And ya, why doesn't Cali have quick results either. I pray every night to St. Judas and I will pray for you all waiting too!
  12. by   justmejaime
    congrats yajrn... r u from cali? how long does it take you to get ur results.. just really anxious if there's still a chance for me to get a good news thru mail after almost 4 weeks of waiting.. i do have a ss#... asked them if there's a problem with my file.. negative.. everthing's there. what's the holdup???
  13. by   YAJRN
    Thanks to all comrades. lets celebrate!