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I know all the factual stuff about how you can't tell if you've passed or failed the NCLEX by the number of questions, but I'm just curious if anybody knows anyone who's failed with 75 questions. I... Read More

  1. by   PACU queen
    I took the test 5 times before of the attempts I got 75 and did not pass.
  2. by   mhnurse2be
    hello everyone, I know its hard to let to know to other people when u failed the NCLex.I read some blogs and discussion that almost half of the nurses takers took the nclex did'nt passed the nclex are embarrassed to say that they did'nt passed which is really true.Even myself i am embarrassed to say it too, but i can't change the result anymore.3 weeks ago i took the nclex and Computer stopped when i reach the 75 questions.I got SATA 7-8 times,pictures identification 2x and computation2x and 2x medication and rest is multiple choices.Lots of people said once ur computer stopped at 75 you are passed already! but in my case i dont take so..i dont know which is my mistakes.But all i can say write now that does'nt mean i failed the 1st take my world is not moving life should be go on.Its just part of material thing-that could'nt bring once when die.But the important thing is the genuine love and compassion you gonna show to your patients.So to my fellow nurses who is wonderful and our success is not only determine when we pass or fail the nclex.Remember we always have chances to take it lets do our best more next time, be optimistic. Maybe we feel depressed and dissapointed when these situation came but its normal. Me too, i cried and seems my world is gloomy and still hurting myself that seems am like stupid, but i realized that the more am hurting myself its made me more stupid.I can't accept becuase i knew that i study hard too.But maybe its not right timing for me yet.My time will come and i will be happy to post in here that i pass the exam at last!. Hopefully only on my second try!Quesera siera. is colorful and these situation will add up the colors and spice in our life.God bless us.
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  3. by   dvadams
    This makes me feel a little better. I had 75 very vague questions and I walked out feeling really bad about it. I find out tommorow hopefully I passed. I agree waiting for the results is making me nuts too.
  4. by   caliotter3
    There are people who fail with 75 questions as well as people who pass with 75 questions.
  5. by   foreverstudyin
    i just took nclex-rn, today aug22 & for the 2nd time, and the quests were different than the kaplan.
    stopped a 75 quests. had priority, deleg. quests....
    i noticed stark differences since had 1st taken it only 45 ago...i think i failed..

    any further quests or elaboration of topic:
  6. by   schalke20
    Hi there.. try PVT tricks.. IMO.. its better not to prolong your agony and its normanl to become in denial at first... don't give up just in case.. but hopefully you'll gonna make it.