anybody fail in 75 questions?

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I know all the factual stuff about how you can't tell if you've passed or failed the NCLEX by the number of questions, but I'm just curious if anybody knows anyone who's failed with 75 questions. I took boards on Saturday, and I'm going to be a nervous wreck until I can call on Wednesday to find out if I passed or not. So far, everyone I've talked to who has taken 75 questions has passed. What do you all think?

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Gee......wish I could have only had 75 questions and passed the NCLEX. When I sat for state boards, our exam was the loooooonnnnnggggg 1600 POINTS TO PASS kind of an exam. Now, it's 75 or LESS??? Mindblowing indeed! :chuckle

Louise......I hope you passed and congrats on your graduation into nursing. :balloons: :kiss :nurse:


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I had 75 questions also and passed. My friends that took them with me got 89 and 99 questions and both passed. We all cried together thinking we just had to have failed, but we all felt real confident. We knew our stuff before we went in. I found out before I got my license in the mail, on line through the board of ed. my license # was there. Good Luck!! You probably did just fine!!!


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Just thought I would post a reply too!

I have been talking to my quite a few of my classmates lately and they either got 75 or 265....2 got 89 and one got 122, there was 4 of us that got far everyone has passed. I know this is no help, but be confident!! I am sure you passed:)

I took my boards a week ago today and it was hard waiting...but I did it and I know you can too!! :)

Best of luck,


P.S. As far as hearing of failing at 75..I have heard of it last year but none this year.


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Out of the dozens of people I know who had 75 questions all but one passed.

Good luck to all NCLEX takers!!!


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Thanks everyone for your replies. It's hard to think about anything other than wondering if I passed or not right now. It's like having a horrible itch on your back that you can't quite reach to scratch, you know? It's making me nuts!


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louise, did you find out yet! all the best to you.


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I only heard of 1 person that had 75 questions and failed this year in our class. Myself I had 265 and I passed. I hope you heard today when you do please let us know..

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I bet you passed. Most always the way when done in 75. If the questions seemed to get ridiculously hard and increasingly obscure, it's also a good sign you passed.


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My class was the first in our State to take the computerized NCLEX in 1994... we felt like SUCH guinea pigs!!! None of us had a CLUE about what it meant when the questions stopped after "75"... other than that was the minimum possible. Btw... I stopped at 75 and passed... and I've only heard of rare instances where someone failed, who had the machine stop at 75...the odds just aren't in favor of failing when it cuts off at 75...(think about it).

Renee? NCLEX is computerized now... and the computer directs the line of questions based on the answers you gave on previous questions given.... it can determine (sometimes in 75 questions) if the test taker is competent to pass, based on the questions presented.



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I PASSED!!!!!! Thanks all for posting on this thread. I decided on Tuesday evening that I'd just go ahead and give that 900 number a try even though my results weren't supposed to be available until Wednesday. . . but they were there! And praise God, I passed!!!!:balloons:


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:kiss :balloons:

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