After completing your first clinical year (RN) can you take the NCLEX-LPN?

  1. I'm not sure if this was covered in any of the boards but my question is: is it possible to become an LPN while still in RN school? Or are you required to take a special LPN course?
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  3. by   hollykate
    It is possible to take the PN boards, but you have to be at a school that has a curricula that supports that, which means after your first year of RN program you should have covered what an LPN program would have covered. Usually if the school is in line like that, they offer students the opportunity to take the boards.
  4. by   sahm02
    I am currently in the RN program at my school, however, I took the summer off and just passed the LPN boards. Each program is set up differently at each school. Some schools have two different programs, LPN and RN, my school we are all taught the same information until the 3 or 4th semester and then the LPN graduate. But when you enter the program you have to enter under one program whether it is LPN or RN, one has a shorter waiting list.
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