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  1. Iwant2banurse

    returning to nusing school at 30 something

    You cannot let age stop you...I personally feel that at 36 I'm more motivated to go to school and really learn. I do envy those who were able to go right to college from high school, but it is not always an option. Also, my life experiences have gi...
  2. Iwant2banurse

    Did your education prepare you for office nursing?

    Can one of you experienced office nurses answer this question? I, too, am interested in the best way we can prepare to enter the field as an office nurse. Thanks, Kris
  3. Iwant2banurse

    Truly sad- please read and consider

    Shannon, Since I seemed to be the one to spark this topic, I thought I would respond. I guess in my way too I was venting with the frustration that I felt. I also definitely understand the need to be able to vent especially when you feel like yo...
  4. Iwant2banurse

    Medical school

    Cmggriff, although I agree with you that there are some doctors that are real b#$%tards, there are also many fine doctors. Just the same as you will find with every profession, good and bad. Reading these many topics has been very eye-opening to me...
  5. Iwant2banurse

    Medical school

    I'll be quite honest with you all, after reading and opening my eyes to the nursing profession, I'm really considering changing my focus to going to med school versus nursing school. I give all of you working nurses a lot of credit, but to be honest...
  6. Iwant2banurse

    Is there such a thing as teamwork in nursing?

    Thanks for writing back Hollykate...I've been working for a long enough time to realize that there will always be occasions where it is each man for himself, so to speak. I'm not naive to believe that once I put on that uniform and get the license e...
  7. Iwant2banurse

    Anything nice to say?

    Hi Lorrie, Thanks for your post. I was feeling pretty horrified myself. I know that nursing isn't easy and can be darn hard and stressful at times,but I feel that if we nurses can work together finding the strengths that each specialty has, it w...
  8. As I am reading more and more of these BBs, my eyes are definitely opening to the whole nursing profession. I'm finding myself more aware of the realistic problems of nursing and truthfully, it is kind of scary. I'm not as turned off by the long ho...
  9. Iwant2banurse

    Why did you go into nursing....

    Puzzler, That was exactly why I started this topic. (I have two screennames...Iwant2banurse (work computer name) and nurshathaway (home computer name- totally addicted to this BB). From these BBs I've been able to more of the effects of nursin...
  10. Iwant2banurse

    Nursing Shortage Makes the Prime Time News!

    -jt, I totally agree with you. Let's see how Buckley would feel if he was in a hospital bed or a family member...chances are that he wouldn't want an untrained volunteer and would demand that he be seen by a "real nurse." I say "real nurse" because...
  11. Iwant2banurse

    Contemplating a career in nursing-help me!

    Hi SizzlnSara, First, I would like to tell you that I definitely see where you are coming from. When I was 18 I was accepted into my community college's nursing program...I just wasn't ready..now I'm attempting 18 years later and though I still f...
  12. Iwant2banurse

    BSN or ADN?

    I would like to get some feedback on going the BSN route vs. ADN. I'm trying to decide whether I should work on getting all my prereqs for a A.A. in nursing and transfering to the BSN program in one of the state universities or to push for the ADN. ...
  13. Iwant2banurse

    Why did you go into nursing....

    Hi Spellbound, Of course you count. First you are an experienced CNA and second you are a prenursing student. You brought up some things that all nurses should keep in mind...the fact that we as nurses/nurses-to-be can influence or discourage ...
  14. Many of us have chosen nursing because of the actions of another nurse. For myself, I would have to say that my former supervisor (I was his secretary) has been a big inspiration for me to work towards a nursing career. He is a psychiatric nurs...
  15. Iwant2banurse

    Please Help! Moving to Germany - Need Info!

    Sunny, Why don't you check if there are any American Hospitals or Armed Forces in the area. Munich is a pretty big city (and beautiful too). In regards to learning German, if you can, take a beginners college course or even just go to a booksto...
  16. Iwant2banurse

    Why did you go into nursing....

    I wanted to thank all of you for input on this topic. The responses I got were exactly what I was looking for. It is always sad to see nurses that have been so beaten by the hardships that they lose that reason why they chose to become nurses. Pat...