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  1. Hi! Im reviewing 4 my NCLEX and I have been reading all the the other messages of nurses. Although most of them passed the NCLEX Im still scared because of the new format of NCLEX, maybe they all passed because I will be the one who will fail . Yes I am a little paranoid, so please could anyone of those who has taken the test add or give examples of the actual test i.e. what drugs were included in the test, what multiple answers were asked and other questions. I think it would really help me as well as other nurses who will take the test. If each nurse would give or post even one question they remember in the test theres a mighty good chance it would help us pass the NCLEX. thanks!
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  3. by   banhart
    I signed a paper stating I wouldnt devulge any test questions, but I took the test on the 2 of July and there was no new format questions on it. Hope this helps.
  4. by   ADNCyn
    Same here, as a licensed Registered Nurse, can not share specifics with others waiting to take the NCLEX, only generalizations, i.e., delegation, priority, no math, 1 new format, and oh yeah I had a religious cultural diet question. Hope this helps, too. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Ari RN
    What party pooper's. I only received 1 new format question. It dealt with infection control. Don't know what the answer's were. Besides, I don't know if I got the question right? Good LUCK on NCLEX!
    Ohhhhh, my test cut off at 75 questions!
  6. by   PHM
    No math, no delegation, no new format Q's, more than a fair share of psych, a dozen pharmacology and alot of prioritization all in 75 Q's.

  7. by   CCU NRS
    Read the letter at the link posted this helped me more than anything else I did. The anxiety/paranoia factor will decrease if you understand this letter.
  8. by   Oregon Nurse
    i don't remember the questions~i think this may be due to the fact that i had 265!!! i had quite a few (lots!) of mental health, maternal, and peds. i think the majority was assessment & prioritizing. i had no math ( ) and none of the "new" format.
    what i found that worked for me was utilizing the cd's with the nclex study books (kaplan, mosby, and saunders.. i really liked the saunders gave rationales with every question). i think this really showed what to look for in the actual questions and how to at least narrow down the answers.
    relaxation and prayer would be my #1 suggestion..... good luck to you!
  9. by   hock1
    In Michigan it's illegal to 'give out' 'share' NCLEX questions. However, one can share concepts. For example: priority who would you see first in a disaster...know the basics of triage and ABC's; another example: best occuppier for a toddler or Alzheimer pt...know pt safety. The NCLEX is all about knowing the basics. I had a question that threw all sorts of diseases into one pt and flipped me out at first. I realized it was a core concept question regarding the ABC's. Good luck to all.
  10. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    They may not be able to give you or remember specific NCLEX questions, however if you do an online search for questions or review NCLEX question and answer books, you will have a good idea of what to expect. Anyway, we probably wouldn't even get the same questions they did, as I am sure the test bank is probably huge. The chances that you would get one of the same questions they did would be remote.
  11. by   nursekimmi514
    Please help me calm myself. I took the nclex on 7-8-04. I had 175 questions. It is now7-13-04 and I have not receibved my results yet. I am so nervous and though I am trying to think positive the devil on my shoulder is causing me to have bad thoughts. Please pray for me.
    Thank You
  12. by   CCU NRS
    I also went to the library and just checked out all of the NCLEX review books I could find saunders, kaplan, lippencott,

    Previous poster I don't know what state you are in but states now have a BON website with a place for license verification which you just type your name into and see if you have a license, if not call the board and ask.
  13. by   presC.
    God bless you with peace nursekimmi.