75 questions...scared!

  1. Hi, I took my NCLEX-RN today and had only 75 questions. I think I had about 15-20 select all that apply, and alot of these were early on in the test. Does anyone know someone who has failed with this many select all that apply. I am really scared because as I reflect I'm thinking of more I got wrong! Any input would be great.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    For what it's worth, I felt the exact same way when the computer shut off on me after 75 questions........but I passed, and I'm sure you will too. The vast majority of people who get the minimum number do pass. You'll be fine.
  4. by   Leda
    Within the first 75 questions on NCLEX are 15 test or try out questions. You don't know which of the 75 questions are the try out questions, so you have to presume all questions count. However having so many alternative format questions early in the test suggests that some of them were try outs.

    The NCSBN website addresses the percentage of alternative format questions that you can expect to find on the NCLEX in a vague way. It states that immediately after introducing these questions into the test pool (Spring of 2004) each NCLEX exam would contain about 1 to 2 % of questions in the alternative format style. They did not state that was the ratio that would be maintained however. You can read the specifics on their website
  5. by   javanurse2000
    I know its scary...I have never heard of anyone have 75 questions and failing. For what its worth...mine shut off right under 80 and I thought I failed, too. I have a friend who shut off at 90 and she thought she failed. Its because there is more than one right answer and we have to choose the best answer so there is just a lot of second guessing. I am sure you did great...is there a number you can call to get your results early? In my state we had this. There was a charge, but it was definately worth it! Let us know. In the mean time, try to relax and take some time off for yourself...I'm sure you've earned it!
  6. by   Lahnurse
    Good news for me .. I got my unofficial results Friday via pearson and am still waiting for NY to post my license. I've been busy celebrating all weekend which felt nice. A few tips for those of you who will get 75 and worry. From talking to those I went to school with, and in my experience if you get 75 and have more than a few select all that apply you will more than likely pass. I don't even know if I got more than 1 or 2 of the select all that apply right (I probaly had 20). I just feel like if you are getting that level of questions regardless if you answer them correctly you will do well. Good luck to all awaiting results, and about to test!
  7. by   SpecFuz
    I took my NCLEX last month and passed with 120 questions. I believe the overwhelming majority of people that get 75 questions do pass but wanted to just share that someone I know got 75 questions and failed. I had previously heard this was almost impossible but this happened to my friend.

    I think the odds are overwhemingly with a person that at 75 they pass, but it is just something I thought I should share because I had been told it was impossible.

    Best of Luck to Everyone!!!!!!! You can do it
  8. by   jaimealmostRN
    Lahnurse, YEAHY!!!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats I'm taking mine soon too, and the "check all that apply" questions are terrifying to me as well. Thank you to the poster who put up that stat from the BRN (1-2%) that made me feel a little better . Now go out and keep celebrating lahnurse!!!!!!
  9. by   madwife2002
    :Melody: :hatparty: :Melody: :hatparty: :Melody: :hatparty:

    Well done and congratulations
  10. by   junglern
    Like to keep in touch, I am taking the nclex soon too, by the second time, the first one was in February 2003, I got 126 questions, I failed, now iam on my way again, better english, Kaplan done plus.

    Hope to here from you.

    A Cuban nurse in Brooklyn NY trying to pass the national Board.

  11. by   *PICURN*

    I'm scared b/c I had 75 questions and NOT ONE select all that apply or alternate format questions!!!!!

    I had a lot of priority questions, pharm, and "who would the nurse see first".....

    Still waiting to see if my name pops up in the CA BON website when i search for a license.........
  12. by   webblarsk
    Congragulations! :hatparty: