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  1. accepted into becker college!

    The Becker College nursing programs (ASN and BSN) are fully accredited by ACEN. This program has never been in danger of losing nursing accreditation or approval from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. In fact the nursing program ...
  2. Pub-Med NCLEX Review ?????

    Med Pub was purchased by Assessment Technologies, Inc. (ATI) (www.atitesting.com ) some time ago. Med Pub materials would be outdated and probably not the most appropriate resource to prep for you NCLEX.
  3. Old Diploma Nurse need of help

    transcripts for graduates of worcester city hospital school of nursing are stored at the worcester technical high school, guidance department, 1 skyline drive, worcester, ma 01605. it is important that you connect with someone in the guidance depart...
  4. Massachusetts requires that you have, "completed a minimum of 945 hours in theoretical and clinical practice in medical, surgical, pediatric, and obstetrical, as well as mental health nursing concepts, of which a minimum of 540 hours will be allocate...
  5. I am only speaking for myself as my opinion does not reflect many nursing instructors. If the OP obtained the teacher's edition and test bank with the sole purpose of accessing course exam, this would indeed be cheating. That said, it is no longer ...
  6. Nursing instructor responding, I never use the textbook questions as I know they are not secure questions. In addtion the textbook test bank questions are not always written in current NCLEX-style and they aren't as high level as your instructor/nur...
  7. MA Nurse Practice Act/Standards

    Try this link: http://www.mass.gov/dph/boards/rn Click on Statues, Rules and Regulations.
  8. You can find information on the NCSBN website, https://www.ncsbn.org/1287.htm Once you have accessed the site click on 2007 NCLEX-RN Detailed Test Plan - Candidate. You will find what you are looking for in that document
  9. Discouraged with my program

    Sorry to hear that you are dissastisfied with you nursing program. At two months into any nursing program it is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your choice. The fact that your program has a history of low NCLEX pass rates adds to you...
  10. How I take a test and get an A

    Outstanding summary of what is necessary for success on nursing exams! Thank you for sharing with others what is necessary for success (self-direction, time management, and study methods adapted to your unique learning style). As a nursing educator...
  11. Oldccart

    I'm not sure about the second a in CAART, but here is what OLD CART (used for symptom assessment) usually means: O = onset L = location D = duration C = characteristics of symptom or complaint A = aggrevating or associated factors R = relieving facto...
  12. Darn Kaplan!!!

    Typically people score 10 to 20 percentage points lower on Kaplan than on other NCLEX-style questions (i.e, NCLEX 3500, Saunders, etc.). That said it is important to review the rationales for all questions answered, those that you got correct as wel...
  13. Conflict of interest between NCSBN & NCLEX

    Your argument makes sense at face value, but it doesn't hold up when you thoroughly understand the NCSBN mission, values, and purpose. "The purpose of NCSBN is to provide an organization through which boards of nursing act and counsel together on ma...
  14. trouble with evolve and instructor resources

    I would suggest that you contact the local publishing company representative directly to request the replacement. For reasons of exam security the publishing companies have strict requirements concerning the distribution of instructor resources. It...
  15. applying in clinical

    It may not be as hard to find a patient that is affected by "family violence" as you think. The impact of family/domestic violence is significant and extends well beyond an acute event. Physical, psychological, and sexual abuse are serious and sign...