5th Attempt at NCLEX RN & Recieved NCSBN Research Questions

  1. Hello all! I took the NCLEX RN yesterday July 26th, 2017. The exam shut off at 75 questions and took me 2 hours 20 min. Immediately after finishing question 75, a message popped up on the screen asking me to complete NCSBN research questions (only given to a select number of test takers). The message stated that the questions would not count toward my results, however, the question #'s add up from 76 to approx 89. The time kept running as well. I was calm during my whole exam, however, my heart started racing as soon as the research questions appeared.

    I have been checking Breeze and have not received any results yet. I know the Pearson Vue strick really works, but I am too nervous to try AGAIN. This was the 5TH time I sat for the NCLEX RN by the way! I used the Pearson Vue trick every other time and it proved I failed. But this was the ONLY time I felt competent while answering each question and thinking it through critically. And the ONLY time it shut off at 75. I am trying to be patient and praying that I see my name and license number posted on Breeze very soon. I called the Board of Registered Nursing to confirm that it can take from 3 days to 6 weeks to post on Breeze (if I passed). Your thoughts & prayers are appreciated.
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  3. by   Skyride
    It sounds to me like you likely passed this time. Have you tried the PVT yet? The research questions do not count. Best of luck awaiting your results.
  4. by   rtbml
    Hello Kateyez223,
    Know that God's will, will be done it does not matter how many attempts you have taken, but the fact they you choose not to give up. It certainly sounds like this is your time and I pray that for you. Good Luck !
  5. by   kateyez223
    Thank you so much for the positive responses and well wished! Reading these really put my mind at ease. I chose not to do the PVT this time. I am trying to remain patient.
  6. by   HopefulGradNurse
    If it makes you feel any better, my exam shut off at 75 and I got the research questions which I just clicked random answers and did them in like 10 seconds lol. Did the PVT an hour after my test and of course my results were on hold because of how fast i completed the research questions (the computer flagged it as irregular time per question). I guess once they realized I didn't cheat they released the hold on my results because yesterday I did the PVT around 9pm and I got the good pop up. My state participates in Quick Results so I found out today I passed! The research question part means nothing other than the BON is planning on changing the NCLEX and are testing content, which means i'm glad I passed it now because I hated the new format of the research questions.
  7. by   Zinny123
    I believe God will see you through dear. Stay calm and believe in His words. I'll keep praying for you. Good luck!
  8. by   kateyez223
    I PASSED!!!
  9. by   HopefulGradNurse
    Awesome!! Congratulations!!!
  10. by   Greenbriar
    Congrats kateyez223 on passing.. can you please share what materials did you use this time that you think helped you passing?
    thanks in advance
  11. by   seebella
    Quote from kateyez223
    I PASSED!!!
    Congratulations for passing @kateyez223! May I ask what materials you used this time around? And what did not help you (previously)? I will be testing for my 3rd try. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  13. by   Mikejj
    I recently took nclex for 3 time and failed and just want to know if anyone has any good resources
  14. by   kateyez223
    I definitely recommend UWorld.com!!! It helped me pass NCLEXRN with 75 questions. I previously used Kaplan, Hurst Review, and ATI, which did not help me at all. UWorld allowed me to organize and create my question banks by each system category and offered detailed explanations.