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HopefulGradNurse is a ADN, RN and specializes in CVICU/ED, CCRN-CSC.

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  1. HopefulGradNurse

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    Im not trying to be ugly, I’m confused as to if you read the article I wrote because the answer every one of your questions are in said article.
  2. HopefulGradNurse

    CMC and/or CSC?

    Not necessarily true, several hospitals in my region including my current one offers pay increases for certifications.
  3. HopefulGradNurse

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

    Yes, people have gotten false positives because the trick it self is an exploitation of the sites billing software. Deep breath and relax.
  4. HopefulGradNurse

    31 SATA but i had a bad pop up when I did the PVT trick

    Sorry to hear you failed, unfortunately this is another example why you CAN NOT judge how you did on the test by how many SATA questions you get etc. No matter what people say or try to tell you, there is no way to judge how you did on the test by the types of questions you get.
  5. HopefulGradNurse

    31 SATA but i had a bad pop up when I did the PVT trick

    Yes, you got an invalid pop up because you did the trick wrong. You MUST put in the correct Credit Card number and expiration date. The only thing you can change is the CVV number on the back of the card. Hence why you got the good pop up the second try, because you actually did the trick correctly.
  6. HopefulGradNurse

    Second try. 31 SATA questions , cut off at 75 questions

    Well I don't mean this in a harsh way but if by the bad pop up you mean you're getting the credit card declined notice, then there's nothing to do but accept that you probably didn't pass. Dust your self off and start studying again.
  7. HopefulGradNurse

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    National Council of State Boards of Nursing only says that starting July 2017 select candidates will receive the research questions. Therefore, I would say that it's up to interpretation as to what that means exactly. It could mean that "select candidates" really means totally at random, or it could mean that the computer decides based on how the candidate does on their test as to whether or not they will receive the additional research questions. I specify additional because I want to be sure anyone who reads this understands that EVERYONE who takes the NCLEX receives 15 research questions within the 1st 75 questions of their test that do not apply towards their score. After the first 75 questions, every question will be a live question that counts toward their score until their test either cuts off, or they get a screen stating from that point forward the questions are all research questions. In conclusion, you could speculate that only those who do well on the test will receive the research questions and by well I mean if you pass the test. However, it's not clear.
  8. HopefulGradNurse

    Best vs Quickest route to CRNA

    Agree, I also think it just depends on the programs offered in your area. I knew early on that I wanted to go to school for CRNA so I worked to put myself on that path. After our first semester of school I applied for the CVICU at a local hospital as a Nurse Extern and landed it (this is mainly what landed me my CVICU job as a new grad ADN). My ADN program is (I assume) one of the few that spent what I thought was an adequate amount of time on critical care (an entire semester). In our final semester we had 120 hours of preceptorship, some of us were placed in the ICU depending on how you did throughout the program and in critical care. I was placed in the Coronary Care Unit, so by the end of preceptorship I had a job offer from CCU too.
  9. HopefulGradNurse

    A Sign From God?

    I think it's a sign that you act on impulse with little thought. More than likely you took someone's books that cost several hundred dollars. I would feel really bad if I were you.
  10. HopefulGradNurse

    I took NCLEX today and it shut off after 174 questions

    https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearson-vue-trick-1112740.html This should help explain how to try the PVT! Good luck!
  11. HopefulGradNurse

    results on hold. Wonderful.

    https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearson-vue-trick-1112740.html Hopefully this will help
  12. HopefulGradNurse

    NCLEX Pearson Vue Trick Ever Wrong??

  13. HopefulGradNurse

    Nclex rn. Pearson trick

    https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearson-vue-trick-1112740.html Goodluck!
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  15. HopefulGradNurse

    Pvt trick says result is on hold

  16. HopefulGradNurse

    New Grad Starting In CVICU

    P.S. Thankfully our unit is tight knit and everyone is very willing to help especially when things get crazy!