4wks til the day and i need words of encouragement pls

  1. hi everyone,

    i am going to take the test in 4wks and i am yet to sit down and focus. please can you guys give me some encouragement because i really need some--alot. i mean don't get me wrong i want to pass this second time but i lack the focus and i am so mad at myself. [font=book antiqua]so please some words of wisdom, encouragement, or support would be so helpful. i truly want this and i hope and pray to pass this second time---i have to b/c @ this point --failure is not an option.

    thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Keep on practicing those questions and practice your relaxation techniques too. Wishing you good luck.
  4. by   maliasmomma18
    2-4hrs a day of straight studying! Q&A! and thats its for the day. because if your like me and after 2-4hrs i cant keep anything in anymore. i need a break! and reward yourself after studying! remember we worked soooo hard through school to get our license! STUDY HARD,PARTY HARDER!! u can do it! all it takes is a lot of commitment! keep in mind all it will be worth to pass! you can do it!=) i just took my test last week for lvn and im just freaking out! im trying to just think positive. but anyway! good luck to you and remember work hard now so you can party hard later! =)
  5. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    what are u doing to study?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Practice questions, make sure you understand what it is being asked
  7. by   anurse2b
    :icon_hug:good luck! i cant give you any advise on how to study,but i will pray for you because i know how you feel. i havent gotten to the nclex test yet but, i get the same way when i have to take some tests. i just pray to god to calm my fears and stand not just by me but all of the students that are taking the test! relax everything will be ok! god bless!!
  8. by   stressed0ut
    thank you all so much for the support. i am feeling like 4wks is not enough but on the other hand i do not want to postpone it any longer because that's what i did on the first exam. so far i am studying saunder's 4th edition for content along with its cd and nclex 3500 and lacharity prioritization book. do you guys think 4wks is enough time. i try to study for 6-8hrs but i've been reading that it is more efficient to study 3-4hrs instead but i really don't know.
  9. by   spongebob6286
    do your best!

    stick with your study plans!

    understand the rationalization!

    you can do it! dont entertain negative thoughts about taking the exam!