3 days before the nclex and iI feel like my brain is going to burst

  1. Hi everyone, I am taking the NCLEX on 3/12, I have been studying with nclex 3000 cd, lippincot,and after hearing about this website and finding out that suzanne says that saunders is highly recommended I have been doing every end of chapter questions,I have been scoring 75-80. I feel at this point that I am going out of my mind from nerves my eye has been twitching for 3 days now LOL, I have been drinking wine every night to relax(I feel like an alcoholic):spin: LOL. I am 3 days before this exam,I am afraid that I might cause myself to go blank from such nerves.I need some advice please.
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  3. by   dmn1012
    You Sound Just Like ME!! I am taking it 3/14...I know I know my stuff, but my nerves are the killer..Can't looks at any more questions, just randomly reviewing topics I am not to good at. Also did nclex 3000, Mosby and Saunders.. Well Best of Luck .. Today I am giong to my favorite shrine to pray and cry my fears away...
  4. by   YAJRN
    I will also take my exam this 3/24. To arrest my fears I always watch apocalypto on DVD well its kinda therapeutic because Jaguar Paw was reminded by his proud father not to fear. Fear is sickness. Fear must be let out of your system or else your peace will be ruined.

    Hehehehhe Ofcourse I also do joggings.

    We should not think too perfect! We are all vulnerable of mistakes, If the result is negative this surely says that we are not yet ripe to be nurses or else we end up prone to mental illness.

    Relax! fear not! we are still alive. We didn't go to exam sites to be beheaded.

  5. by   Sheri257
    As much as I wanted to drink before the exam I didn't because I was worried I'd be too hung over. So, I worked out A LOT including the morning of the exam.

    However, immediately after the exam I did drink quite a bit to celebrate (without driving, of course). I didn't want to put my future license at risk. :chuckle

    If you're over saturated with studying maybe you could look for last minute exam cancellations and schedule earlier just to get it over with. That's what I did.

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  6. by   whirlwind
    goodluck to all taking nclex in a few days...
    my prayers for a non stressful exam and eventually passing it!!
  7. by   onduty23
    best of luck

    http://nclextestprep.com/delegation.html get some last minute delegation practice in