2nd time passed!! small tip

  1. hello everyone. just found out i passed on my second try. The "trick" worked for me. Graduated from Excelsior's program online in 4 months. Took the NCLEX the first time without studying, went to 265. Got a good feel for the questions and where i needed to study, improved on my knowledge on blood transfusions, diabetes, meds ect using saunders. Second time went to 250 questions. I didn't feel any different from the first time i took the test, similar questions, didnt know ANY of the meds they asked. only this time i got a lot more SATA (10-15). I also changed one strategy for the priority questions. ABC's first, then I would take a long look at any choices that had a patient with elevated temps. take it for what its worth. good luck to all.
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    Well done and good luck in your new career
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    congrats, i pass also on my 2nd attempt....
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    Congrats and thinks for the tip!