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265! I'm going to lose my mind any minute! anyone get that same amount? :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   misty_Kv
    I just took my nclex today...finished all 265 questions and almost consume the 6 hours....don't know what to feel..when i finished the test, i looked around and saw that i'm the only person left. And when I got out the testing center it was raining hard.....now i have to wait for the result!!!
  2. by   calvana
    I took the nclex a few days ago and got the full 265 questions, all of my friends had gotten the 75questions I was really nervous, But thank God I passed!!!!!! wooooohoooooooo!:smiley_aa
  3. by   starleviosa
    Quote from Love2Care4
    I took my NCLEX yesterday @10:15am...I had all 265 questions and completed it in 4 hours....ugh the agony and stress of waiting on my results .... I did the Pearson Vue trick I see everyone talking about and it brought me to the CC page...so I'm assuming I Failed! However, I keep checking the Florida BON site and it says Wait...and on the Pearson Vue site it says the scores aren't available yet. Do you think perhaps someone is grading it for a 2nd time to verify since 265 questions means you where close...?? And to top it off I filled out one application and have a scheduled interview for Tuesday as a New Grad....I hope I pass! Do you think if I don't if they will let me take the position as a New Grad and wait till I retake it if I do in deed Fail??? Please help...any comments or opinions would be helpful! Thanks!
    Did you pass?
  4. by   aahz1992
    Took Nclex today 9/29/11 at 2pm ... it was my 2nd try at it. Got 265 questions. It was brutal to say the least. Just checked and I got the good pop up. Check it again and again. Still good pop up!!! YEA!!!!

    I'm an RN
  5. by   jackied
    Hey everyone,
    I've been reading these posts daily and today I took the NCLEX and got 265 questions... I'm shocked, sad, and scared. I got a TON of pharm questions and select all that apply questions. Also, I kept getting prioritization questions and I don't know if that is because I was getting them wrong or what! I really tried my hardest. I will be seriously DEVASTATED if I don't pass... I am supposed to start my new job next week. Does anyone know what this means? I am waiting for the Pearson website to allow me to get my quick results... but so far they aren't up yet.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. To those of you that passed at 265, you are seriously giving me hope.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. by   fpearsonRN
    Im so glad I was advised to visit this forum....I have so much more hope now from reading these posts....I took my nclex yesterday and got all 265 questions and I had the longest ride home i was just in a daze...hopefully I passed!!!!
  7. by   fpearsonRN
    how did you make out hopefully you passed!!!
  8. by   Joelle101
    Hi everyone i just took the NCLEX yesterday june 20 and had all the 265 question...i am really nervous and i cried all night cause i just felt like i failed and i don't even recall the last question if it was a passing question or not...I really want to think positive but i'm afraid that the result might be negative and in someway while reading your blogs it kinda made me happy but still their are times that i would be down again. I would find out tomorrow if i'm gonna pass or not and i am so nervous that literally my hands are shaking while typing. The wait is really making me crazy!