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265! I'm going to lose my mind any minute! anyone get that same amount? :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from amyleegordon
    I passed. I am officially and RN!!!!!!!
  2. by   AllieSparksRN
    I took the NCLEX for the first time on April 20th, 2009 and was given all 265 questions-and I passed. Good luck, try not to think about it if possible, and rememeber-you made it through school, this is just the next step. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. by   mackendrea24
    Hi, my name is Andrea. I just took my test today for the 2nd time. and I felt HORRIBLE after the exam. I did not know how to feel..it was a relief that it was out of the way and i got it over with but at the same time it was and it still is very overwhelming. I did 265 question again, like the first time. but i had more SATA(10), MATH about (3-5), prioritization and general question, pharmacology.. right now it's killing me to wait for my exam grades..i just want to call them and ask for my grade.. i hope i did better than the last time.. i dont wnna go through it again..
  4. by   lchrist2
    Hey I had the exact same thing as you! I wrote today, I had tons of SATA and Math questions !!! I heard SATA mean your doing well on the exam and then math questions mean your doing bad! I had tons of infection control to with prioritization! I studied like crazy and everything I studied was not asked, this was my second time taking it! Good luck finding out
  5. by   mackendrea24
    this is my second time taking it too, i studied like crazy as well...well iheard the other thign around that if oyu're doing math you're doing welll..i dont knw what to believe now..lol..nweiz, when did u take ur exam?yeah, this was my second time doing it as well..and it sucks..i just hope i did better than last time..and i hope i pass..
  6. by   tiger1
    I am so nervous! I took my exam yesterday and I got 232 questions before shutting off. Man o man. I think they should make the test 265 questions for everyone!
  7. by   lchrist2
    I wrote the exam thursday at 730 am may 14th. it was minnesota so i get quick results. I'll let you know on monday if i pass or fail. I so hope its a pass. I never studied like this in school its so disapointing
  8. by   mackendrea24
    I PASSED!!!!i got my results from pearsonvue. and it says pass on the status..though i paid, 8 bucks..it was worth it..
  9. by   lchrist2
    omg lol i just checked to and it says pass!!!! congrats!!!
  10. by   mackendrea24
    congrats to new nurses!!!! PARTY!!!
  11. by   panicstricken
    Some things never change judging by the dates here. I took the NCLEX yesterday. It all started with an airport style security check, even worse, I had to turn my pockets inside out, take out my butterfly hair clip and lift up my hair before going in. I had to leave cash in a locker. Gee I guess I could have written enough notes on a 20 dollar bill to cheat on two or three questions...geez! They must have had some crafty cheaters in the past. I just happened to look down to see what number I was on and it said 74, so I answered the next question, clicked next and hoped for a successful shut down...265 questions after I started and 4 1/2 hours into the exam I was finally able to walk out trying to hold in the tears. The testing assistant even said 'you don't look so good'. (YA THINK SO???) She was actually really sweet, but it didn't stop the panic that had set in. I had over an hour drive home and cried the whole way AND I scored a 1048 on the HESI and am an honors student. I don't think it matters if your test stops at 75 85 110 142 or 265. We all have the same feelings in common, most pass and unfortunately some don't. Right now I am in the boat with so many in feeling I definitely didn't. I kept getting virtually the same questions over and over that finally had me thinking 'you idiot, can't you get the answer correct, we've given you enough chances' and I tried to stop the negative talk going on in my head, but it just kept coming every time I clicked next and had NO clue which guess was correct. I couldn't even narrow it down to two on most of the questions. I had a ton of SATA questions. They just kept coming. I hated it!! I thought hazing was illegal. I've had an intense headache since the middle of the exam and could not sleep last night I was so upset. And I am an easygoing person generally. And speaking of generally, I thought the exam was to accurately test our general knowledge of nursing. There was NOTHING general about my exam. It had serious tunnel vision toward pharm. over and over and over and over. It was maddening. I went back and reviewed the test plan they supply to students and mine nowhere near matched the test plan on percentage of items per category. I am sick. I will let you know how it went. Not holding out much hope. Some people who did not pass the HESI the first time like I did, have already passed the second HESI and taken the NCLEX and have their license. They said the NCLEX was 'easy'. Couldn't have been the same one I took...Where are the disease processes, where is cardiac, I'd have given half my liver to have a cardiac question or two. Good luck every
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Welcome panicstriken to the site and good luck
  13. by   panicstricken
    thanks, the only luck i needed apparently was a different exam. 265 and I failed, really bummed right now, really bummed