11 days till test day, I need some advice

  1. 11 days till i test ( well a little more but 3 days im working im not studying)
    (testing July 8)

    I hava Kaplan (complete review), the Q & A saunders cd/book, NCSBN (which is eh). I have finished the kaplan except for Qtrainer 7 which i will do next week. Any advice on the last few days i have before test day? time gets closer I get more nervous. I know on other posts I have posted I state confidence and relaxation are the key. I am focusing on that, but in what areas should i continue doing? Review Kaplan Questions? Review Material? Continue doingSaunders Questions?

    with only 11 days left I need to do the BEST things i can do to prepare. what are your suggestions?

    if ur suggestions need statistics here they are
    Kaplan Qbank 62% completed
    Qtrainer 1 - 65
    Qtrainer 2 - 56
    Qtrainer 3 - 64
    Qtrainer 4- 56
    Qtrainer 5- 64
    Qtrainer 6- 65%
    Qtrainer 7 - not completed

    I take the quizzes then review . Quizzes of 10 im getting anything from 50-80% with 1 100% and rarely 40% so i say im averaging 70%

    NCSBN I havent focused on too much.
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  3. by   UjonesRN
    Your doing good so far! From our IM exp you are prepared!! Just relax and pray!! I am certain you will pass the 1st time around!!!
  4. by   perfectly_4given
    also i feel studied out so anything will help lol thanks
  5. by   soon2bRN516
    I am in the same boat, I test July 7th! I feel like the studying will never come to an end, I guess at this point I am just trying not to burn myself out. I wish I would have used the Kaplan question trainers after I had reviewed more because I don't feel that my scores truely reflect how much I have learned and reviewed since taking the Kaplan course in the middle of may. My most recent Kaplan trainer was trainer 6 and I got a 71% on it. So that made me feel a bit better, but I am still averaging in the mid 60's for the qbank. Good luck to you!
  6. by   Kiky87
    It looks like you're prepared at this point. I would contain to refresh your mind about lab value (unless they're already memorized). I saved qtrainer 7 until a few days before. I wanted to keep myself familiar with answering questions and also see a true readiness score.

    PS- You scored slightly higher on qtrainer 6 than i did and I passed with 75q.

    Best of luck!
  7. by   perfectly_4given
    Thank you . I am trying to hold off on the question trainer. Thing is I MUCH rather do the test trainer than review a book. Thats how all myquestions are gone already. i hate reviewing at least doing questions is interactive

    im going to sit down and look at some medications (someone gave me an old list to go over that they got from another course)

    and then im going to write down labs. all my lyts, hemo/hemocrit, pt, ptt, ESR, ABGS, lithium and dig levels, and see where thatgoes... ill probably end up bck on here doing questions but atleast ill have that stuff to look over as something to read before bed....... (I usually read a good book before bed, now its reading this stuff HOW SAD)

    Thanks ! anymore advice is still welcome