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Hello everyone,

I am new to this/ signed up today and this is my first post!! Please help me!!

I am taking nclex on 27th! I have finished 1800 qs from saunders book - 4th edition I did almost 2500 from the saunders CD

I am currently working on the LaCharity book 2nd edition - I have been getting 60's & 70's with 80's in 3 chapters so far...

I am really nervous! Is my % too less than normal what GN's get and pass the nclex? Or am I one of those average ones who gets around and passess the NCLEX????

I am also doing the Alternative Format Questions book from Lippincott's simultaneously - I get 50's & 60's in there which is expected cuz of all the select all that apply, charts, drag n drop & hot spot questions!! I am not too worried about this book...

BUT*** I am worried about the La Charity %'s .. It's definitely lot harder than Saunders... but still extremely nervous & tensed!

Please help me! What should I be doing? Should I postpond the exam?

I plan to continue to finish books the above books?

Any tips with your experience would help!!

Adding::::: THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

you wiill be fine, just relax and do your best! good luck to you!

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relax, stay confident, eat well and you will do great!!!! best of luck to you!

I know you're stressed right now, but try to relax. If you can, take some time and treat yourself to a massage. If you can get your bf, gf/spouse to do it, even better! This will help relieve some of the tension.

Best of luck to you! :)

Good luck on your upcoming exam.

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