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Nclex attempt 4 -6/27/16 Need Advice


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Thanks so much it's so true. I've been in healthcare for years and I have been so devastated about all this. I can tell you content forwards and backwards. And when answering questions I can narrow it down but sitting in front of a computer makes me so nervous.


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Wishing you all the luck! I can understand how stressful it is. Don't give up. Good luck [emoji106]🏽[emoji106]🏽

Did you find out your results yet

No I took it Monday morning and nothing on any site. Guess that's bad news. Don't make since we have to wait like this.

Yea same here..... Bummer.... Guess what tho. We are not out the game until those results say otherwise. ......if it's not in our favor we can be pen pal study partners. Lol.

Absolutely sounds like a plan ....

After reading many success stories, going to use uworld for the next time round. any thoughts?

World is really good. It looks just like the test and the rationales are good not too much information. Right to the basics. It's really good to use.... Goodluck

I did quick results. I failed.....

Kaplan is strategy taught and that was good but not enough the first two times then I added other books for questions and that didn't seem to relate to nclex on the 3rd time this 4th time I did hurst and I can tell you all that content, but it's how to apply it and narrowing it down. I will do uworld if I failed this time. I did a demo online and it was like boards.

Nakia29 don't give up this is just 1 test that seems to be a struggle for a lot of us hang in there you worked hard for this.


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I did quick results. I failed.....

I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't pass NCLEX. Remain strong and keep your eyes on the prize. Don't be hard on yourself. You will pass

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I don't understand why it is taking so long to get your NCLEX results in VA. I'm in VA and was able to call a number and have my results within 48 hours of testing. That was in 2009....

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If you are consistently below passing in one domain you need targeted remediation in that area. If you don't change how you prepare and remediate you will not pass. Sorry to be blunt. Review all areas but focus on the area that you are below the passing standard.

What area are you below the passing standard?

I already mentioned in my other forum that I am taking a review class this go round to help with my weak areas. I was being stubborn before because the class is too expensive. But considering the amount of money I've already spent I'm going to just go and 96% of people who take her class pass. IDK my weak areas I haven't received my CPR report. I know I will study those areas and do more those areas on uworld and lacharity...... I'm not worried , I know I can do it. Your bluntness really is not telling me anything I don't already know.

HELP?! I'm taking my exam in 10 days. I did NCSBN averaging 70%-80% on the questions. Kaplan Qbank discouraging 60% and Uworld says I'm 88th percentile...what does that mean? I'm panicking....any advice?

I hope you all pass the exam.😊

My 3 times at 265 I failed 1 section the same section and I did study very hard - still waiting on this result from Monday which was 186 questions. You can no longer call a number in VA and they do not do quick results.