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Chrissygraduatenurse specializes in Pediatrics.

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    Critical Thinking

    Always ask yourself this question when learning about new diseases/conditions. How am I going to care for this person? This helps you read more in depth about the disease/condition. If you can answer the question at the end of your reading then that is usually a fair indicator that you have retained the information and will do well on a quiz or exam. Also another tip is to read each word in a question by placing your finger on the word as you read and read it twice. This helps with processing .
  2. I waited 45 minutes before being allowed to leave by the home care agency and they never was able to get the parent on the phone. Just had me waiting, basically I stood on the patient's porch for 45 minutes. I caught public transportation and the patient lives over an hour from me. I'm also 38 weeks +4 days pregnant. Then when the agency allowed me to leave I asked the supervisor if I would be compensated and she said she could ask but it's up to the office. I contacted the office when they opened and was advised that I'd be paid for 2 hours. It took me over 2 hours between waiting to get in 45 mins and my travel time, I think waiting 45 minutes was wrong. Does anyone know what the standard is? I thought it was 15 minutes.
  3. Chrissygraduatenurse

    Rumor mill at work

    They are trying to say that it was the client whose shift that I told them I wasn't going to work that day said it. Last night I worked and another client wanted me to stay due to the other nurse calling out and they were going to make a special exception for me to work overnight despite banning me due to the sleep accusation
  4. Chrissygraduatenurse

    Rumor mill at work

    I agree, thank you so much for your input. I would never be so careless to fall asleep. I am a night person...lol pretty much a vampire. Lol a good one though
  5. Chrissygraduatenurse

    Rumor mill at work

    I feel like I'm being black balled. I work at a home are agency and the morning nurse who relieved me said that it smelled funny when she was relieving me. I told her that it was the client's household trash. This employee went and told the supervisor I smell. The supervisor contacted me via phone and told me about the accusations. I told her it wasn't true and she began asking me do I have access to running water, do I shower everyday , and do I wear deodorant. She als said she was just looking out. I answered her questions and informed her that I do not wish to discuss this further due to the conversation becoming inappropriate . She apologize and became defensive when I advised I would not be able to work my shift that day. My feelings were hurt due to the disrespect and I needed the day to regroup. She ended the call abruptly and tthen emailed me stating that I was removed from the case because it was reported that I had fallen asleep. This isn't true, now they're saying I can never work overnight shifts and have since removed me from the case. I'm thinking of resigning, any suggestions?