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    Failed Nclex 3 times. im so confused

    I've just taken the nclex for the 3rd time on Saturday Sept,5 2015. I'm so disappointed. It cut of at 85 and i knew it wasn't good. I'm so confused. I went into the test this time not as nervous as the first 2times. I felt a little bit more sure of myself this time. But somehow I still failed. The first time I went all the way to 205, second time I went to 161 this time 85, 85 really. How could I have done so horrible when I studied more this time than the previous times. I'm just so fed up. I want to give up but then again I know I can't and I wont give up because I really love this profession and my ultimate goal is to return to school for my bsn so I can become a nurse in labor and delivery, or nicu, or pediatrics ( anything with babies and children) so I can't give up. And also im a mom of 3 and they have been so patient and supportive with them being so young they understand my struggle and im so blessed to have them I just want to make my kids happy and be able to provide better. But this test is really testing my everything. I've already prepared for number 4. If I took my test at least a month and a half from now that shouldn't be too soon seein as though I've done it 3 times already. 85....... They could've given me more questions.... Right!!!!!!