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iceyv3 has 4+ years experience and specializes in ICU, Psychiatric.

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  1. iceyv3

    You know you're tired when...

    I got home from my third 12 hr night shift, parked my car in my spot and headed for the door. Half way there I looked back and wondered why my car lights were still on and it didn't warn me. Walked back to check, my car was still on with the key in the ignition, I had parked the car and was making a beeline for my apt lol. I've waited for blinking red lights to turn green lol On a serious note, I fell asleep once and woke up about to hit the curb. Coupled with some sleep issues I was having that was the last straw. I left nights
  2. iceyv3

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    Great discussion guys! I'm definitely bookmarking this because I plan to be in FNP/ ACNP sch by fall of next year.