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Hi all!

Well, I made it through nursing school, and graduated 4 weeks ago!! I am so happy to be done with it, but the studying still continues!!

I am taking the nclex in two weeks, and I have a bad case of anxiety!! Any advice??

I took the Kaplan review class, and am doing about 100-150 questions per night. I am also reviewing content from the past year. I graduated with honors, but I feel that doesn't even matter. What matters is being successful on the exam.

I welcome any words of advice from anyone who has been through it. I was an LPN for over 25 years, and I don't remember being this nervous for my LPN boards!! Of course, I was much younger!!




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just relax your brain you will do fine Goodluck I bet you will be very happy n the nexk 2 weeks

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You are doing what you need to do. Keep the faith!


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I too graduated back in May, and took the NCLEX-RN on May 30th, and had some anxiety. Confidence in yourself will help with the anxiety. Just tell yourself you can do this and you WILL do this, this is what I did. I passed after approx. 100 questions. When the screen shut off I just "knew" i failed, but this feeling is very common from what i've been told. To me, the anxiety was worse waiting on the results. Oh, I didn't take any review course, and didn't take nearly as many practice questions as you have, so you have that ADVANTAGE. You seem very prepared and my money is on that you will pass with flying colors. Spend the day doing something you enjoy the day before the test without picking up a Nursing Book the entire day. This is what i did. Hope this helps and gives you a more positive outlook!


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piece of advice.. mild anxiety is good.. try to keep it in that level :specs:.. relax and have confidence..and most importantly pray pray pray.. godbless in your exam!

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Moved to the NCLEX forum. Good luck


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Hi all!

Thanks to all that replied!!

Yes I will be happy in two weeks. Vodka sounds good!! Actually, margaritas are my drink of choice!! I will definitely be having those in a couple of weeks.

I will let everyone know what happens!

Thanks again.

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