Hey everyone. I thought I'd see if anyone else on here is applying to NAU's accelerated BSN program this application cycle. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is!


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Planning on applying, still working on the application. Haven't taken the Kaplan exam yet


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I'm applying for 2019! I'm super nervous. What are everyone's stats like? I'm a 4.0 with a 90 overall on the Kaplan and an 85 on science.


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I'm applying for 2019! Gpa 3.8, haven't taken the Kaplan yet. Is anyone applying to other places??


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Hi guys! I'm applying too! I have a 3.86 gpa and I got an 88 on the Kaplan (with a 90 in science).

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Hey all,

Throwing my hat in as well. Applying with a 3.78GPA and a kap score of 91% overall (90% in science). Good luck everyone!


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Hey Fellow Prospective Students!

I am applying as well for this cycle. I got my first undergrad degree from NAU and I absolutely adore Flagstaff. I am really hoping I get in - my GPA is a 3.86, I scored a 90% on the Kaplan, and an 80% in science which I am a tad worried about!

araew2129, ADN

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Any tips about the Kaplan from those that have taken it yet? I took the Hesi, wondering how they compare?

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On 1/17/2019 at 8:41 AM, araew2129 said:

Any tips about the Kaplan from those that have taken it yet? I took the Hesi, wondering how they compare?

Don't study for the math, since you can use the calculator and a piece of paper to check your work. Got 100%

You can't really study for the reading and writing portions, but there are typical questions like: which sentence has a punctuational mistake, which sentence can be removed from the paragraph, which word is misspelled, which statement best supports the authors viewpoint, etc...

Science is 20 patho and physiology questions, nothing to hard. YouTube and these forums offer great insight into what questions will be asked. Just have a general knowledge of what systems do what in healthy and unhealthy conditions. No anatomy other than what the three fluid compartments are (know alternate names of these compartments).

I finished like 40 minutes early. I took the gre and this was way easier. Double check your work on the reading and writing in particular, since I corrected 7 wrong answers ( it tells you which were corrected to the right answer at the end). Good luck!


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Hi all! I'm currently in this program.. I remember being really nervous this time last year! So I wanted to offer any advice/answer questions if anyone has any :)


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@ACAZ92 I PM'd you! Thank you for offering up some information ?


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I applied!! My prereq gpa isn’t amazing, it’s a 3.59. The micro class I took was a 400 level class so I only got a B in it. I also got another B and two A- ?. But I did get a 92 overall on the Kaplan and a 95 on the science section so maybe that might help overshadow the gpa.

If the rest of the applicants look like you all then my chances aren’t so great lol. Guess I’ll start using this time to work on plan B.