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  1. BrenMau

    UA MEPN 2019

    @gingerbraid I found out I got in! Both my prereq and last 60 gpa were around 3.6, but I have close to 3 years of emt experience so I would recommend trying to get as much healthcare experience as you can as well!
  2. BrenMau

    UA MEPN 2019

    Hi friends! I'm definitely down to get lunch. 1702 is really good, but there's also some good places on University Ave that are right by main campus and can give some out-of-towners a good idea of the feel of Tucson/UA campus. Pete's or Ben's or No Anchovies (in my opinion the best pizza in Tucson) are all on that street. But again 1702 is right by the nursing campus so either way I'm happy
  3. BrenMau

    UA MEPN 2019

    @Nursing hopeful87 I got a 94.5 on the HESI And I put Tucson only because I did my undergrad at U of A and really love Tucson.
  4. BrenMau

    UA MEPN 2019

    Hi everybody! I'm a little late to the game, but I also applied to this program and got an interview invite this morning! I was a little bit worried because my gpa for both last 60 and prereqs is around a 3.6, but I'm so happy now that I got an interview Excited to hopefully meet you all!