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  1. Klcorb

    NAU ABSN 2019

    Oh hey!! Congrats. I actually just signed a lease already with two other girls.
  2. Klcorb

    NAU ABSN 2019

    I also wanted to see if anyone wanted to split a house or apartment together. Just send me a message on here if interested. I am a 26 year old female who is pretty down to earth.
  3. Klcorb

    NAU ABSN 2019

    Never mind I found a place!!
  4. Klcorb

    NAU ABSN 2019

    Hey I wanted to see if anyone one else that is out-of-state is running into issues with getting fingerprinted. I am from Colorado which only does the live scan fingerprinting. When I called Applicant Clearance Card Team they said that they only accept live scan fingerprinting for in-state residents. They are mailing me the forms and fingerprint card but I do not have anywhere to go to get fingerprinted.
  5. Klcorb

    NAU ABSN 2019

    I know how you feel. Where are you from?