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Nassau Community College

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For financial reasons I didn't initially apply there but when I hadn't heard back from any schools I decided about 2 weeks ago to apply because they said there were still a few spots.. however I wasn't accepted into the program. I guess by the time all my application stuff came in and they reviewed it the program was already closed out....


I have done some research on the entire accredited/non-accredited. So many people were saying so many different things on here so I decided in January to call the New York Nurses Association.

Basically the lady told me that it is better to attend an Accredited NLN school for 2 reasons:

1- If you decide to go higher in education most colleges will only accept an Associates or Bachelors degree from an NLN accredited school therefore you will not get accepted to that school

2- NLN means Nationally certified so if you ever wanted to move out of state the lady told me that I could have a problem finding a job

Other people have argued with me over this here on allnurses.com so my best suggestion is to call the Nurses Association yourself and ask any other questions you may have

Dont worry Suzi -- I have a good feeling about you getting in!

Is anyone else here kinda nervous about the interview lol or is it just me!

I'm so excited though -- I want to buy my supplies already!!!


Thank you so much. I've been reading other forum's on here about other people who are having similar questions regarding their schools all over the country and it seems the everyone is responding in very similar ways...which is advising against it. Thank god for this forum because I probably would have chosen NYIT but it seems now that im 90% positive I have to go to Nassau. Its the better choice and I've worked to hard to chance it.

on another note... so excited!! What day is everyone's interview?

I have yet to receive any response from Nassau either. I was told to wait till next week, all letters went out last Friday if I don't receive one they will then resend one! Not the most responsive or nicest people to speak with! Have my fingers crossed but very fustrating!

DogMom: Thank you for your encouragement! Maybe today will be the day!!

To the girls still waiting for letters- I honestly feel SOOOO bad for you guys!!! Waiting sucks especially for this! Hopefully in the end the wait will be worth it and we can laugh about all this at orientation!

sbp210 - I hope you dont mind me giving my two cents about your dilemma. In my opinion if I were in your situation I would pick Nassau for a few reasons.

1- I personally would be uncomfortable attending a Non NLN accredited school...but that is just me. I would be scared that I wold go through ALL the hard work and in the end having problems when trying to get into another school for higher education. Or god forbid if NY wasnt hiring at all and I had to look out of state like Jersey or something and once again having a problem because of the institute I went to. Personally I would rather be safe than sorry and stick to an NLN school. For the hard work you will be doing in NUrsing school OMG its not worth having problems for later on

2-I went and checked the NCLEX passing rate for NYIT and did you know that in 2009 only 40% of the people passed and in 2008 38.5% passed!!! Nassaus passing rate in 2009 was 86.3% and in 2008 it was 86.8. In 2009 NYIT only had 5 people taking the test whereas Nassau Community had 168 people. That would raise a red flag for me. I would ask myself how could they only have 5 people take the test? Either the program does not have many people in it which means other people choose to go to other schools, or the program is so hard that they ended up with only 5 people in the program in the end and of those 5 only 2 people passed the NCLECX.

3- Financially I would choose Nassau because its Soooo much cheaper than NYIT!

Hope this helps. I am not trying to steer you believe but I was just stating how I would be thinking if I had the same dilemma.

I have at least some comofort that you didn't get your letter either. Let me stress "some"... lol I am so drained I have been on pins and needles all week... waiting... waiting...

I'm just curious if I am the last misfit that is waiting for a letter? I have taken all my pre-reqs and co-reqs all grades are posted except med-micro which I'm in the process of taking. I think I have the grades needed but still no letter!!! Anyone else here in the same boat???:jester:

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