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Nassau Community College

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Not sure about N101, but my N105 instructors were pretty lax about the uniform requirements. I saw ankle socks on females all the time and a few wore sneakers.

Hi Suzi -I know, we start before our kids do :( The summer is going way too fast.... but I am excited about getting started! I look forward to meeting you on the 26th at orientation!

Hey everyone! I cant believe our first day is exactly 3 weeks from today, and orientation in 2 weeks from tomorrow (But who's counting right).

I am happy/nervous at the same time. How is everyone else doing?

Hi Everyone - Good Luck to all of you starting in a few weeks. I just finished APII a week ago with an A!! I am applying in Sept/Oct for January /Spring semester with 3.88 on Prereqs ( Darn B+ in Eng 101, 1991!) and 3.93 for all prereq and co req (minus Micro -which I am taking in Sept.) I know all of you will be busy.. (understatement), but would love to hear about your experiences and opinions as you go! ( I have been following these threads for a year and feel like I know most of you!) - :)

We got through orientation!!!

I can't believe our first day is 5 days away! Don't forget the things we need to bring the first day (Blue Slip, Photos, Autobiography, Math Test)

Wow---Can you guys believe this is really happening?!?!?

I cant wait to start! We all just gotta take things slow one test at a time, do the best we can and we will be registered nurses class of 2012! YAY!

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