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Anny908 - Did you get G4 as well?

Welcome Morg689 and congratulations! You must be so excited. Your mother said you are B2, so you will be having the same teacher a B1 even though its not posted. If you look at the B1 and B2 schedules, they are the same times in the same classrooms so you will have the same teacher

I am SOOO against the entire panty hose thing! If guys dont have to lol we shouldnt have to! I can barely keep them on at a wedding never mind working in a hospital all day.

My idea is just to bring them with me so if I need to change I will have them with me to change..

In section B1,

Looking forward to starting!

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Hi Kuklara - I'm G3. Yes, I'm excited - but trying to enjoy time with my kids before September comes around! I have my books, but haven't really started reading yet (I got them a lot cheaper on line, too).... I ordered my uniform today.....and I have an appt. for my physical in a week or so. Still have everything else to do.....:o

Hey Anny I am G4! We will be having lectures and labs together but just not clinicals. You will actually be together with Suzi, she got G3 also.

I got my uniform a few weeks ago...it is mostly polyester so the material is very hard and hot lol...I have to get the pants hemmed because I am short lol

Kuklara i have to get the pants hemmed too, they are huge! Just bought my shoes today. The nursemate dove were the most comfortable.

who else is in B1/B2?

Hey Morg...I too got the Nursemate Doves. There are SOOOO comfy!

I started reading some of my fundamentals book already...I started on CHapter 1. My friend who just graduated said that the first semester is pretty much the entire book so I should get a head start reading which I have. I didnt think CHapter 1 would be important because its on the history of nursing, and nightingdale, and all nursing associations but she says that stuff will be on the first test and to read the book!

Kuklara....Great idea about just bringing the stockings and changing into them if needed!!

It would be so uncomfortable to wear them under those pants all day!

AND yes... the guys should have tp wear them under there pants ....

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say.... after a LONG wait... a spot opened up and I am NOW IN! I Have G3!!

Woo hoo!!! :)



I too am in G3 and like you I am enjoying the Summer with my kids! Come September 1st it's going to be crazy! I am a little sad, however as I'm missing my daughter's 1st day of Kindergarten...

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