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Nassau Community College

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It took about 2 hours and then another hour and a half standing on line at the registrar. Questions were about stress management. Essay was about how you cope in difficult situations. Also had to define 5 words and use them in a sentence. Nothing too hairy.

FYI - Don't bother hitting the bookstore when you're done - the books aren't in yet!

I was told that today's interviews are for night students - is that correct?

Good luck!

My daughter was going to pick up the nursing books on friday.......did they say when to pick up books?

I'd call first just to make sure. The shelves for Nursing (and in general, really)were pretty bare - they don't appear to be stocked for fall classes yet. I will probably purchase mine on line, which can be cheaper sometime, too.

I'm Officially In!!

Clinicals will be at Glen Cove Hospital!

She called the bookstore...you can pre-order and pre-pay for the books anytime. When they come in , the bookstore will contact you to pick up your order. If you do it like that, you can avoid the mad rush .

I know! I'm really excited yet nervous at the same time! I still cant believe it!

Hey...according to my schedule i will be there on Mondays you? I'm so happy i got in i dont care where they put me even though i would have preferred Mid Island but its OK.

Hey Annor12 and Anny908,

Just a suggestion .. besides the book with the lab manual I highly suggest ordering the books on Amazon. Majority of the time you could buy used copies that look brand new and cost ALOT less. Bookstores at colleges normally increase the prices to an obscene number.

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