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      other suggestion (please post)

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OK... I have posted about this is another thread but I'm going to do a poll with the suggestions that I have received. Feel free to add your suggestion.

I am looking for an Ortho related username to change to. Since I have graduated I am no longer a nurs2b.

bellehill, RN

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Specializes in Neuro Critical Care.

I love BonesRN, very cool name!

Specializes in 5 yrs OR, ASU Pre-Op 2 yr. ER.

Not sure, i'm still trying to think of a new one for when i get my license.

Specializes in Critical Care, ER.

humerusRN? Or just plain humerus?

When my day of salvation arrives (graduation)... I think I'll change to SanFranciscoHereIComeRightNowRN


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Originally posted by bluesky

humerusRN? Or just plain humerus?

I like the names suggested here. :) FractureRN is pretty cool too.


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How about fracturedRN? :confused: :D


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Great suggestions...

live4today, RN

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OrthoRN got my vote!


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I really like humerus,RN! This is a cool name.

I wanted to change my name after I passed boards too, but Gator,RN is already taken by someone who did not stay on the BB too long.:o

Good luck picking a name!


Sarah, RNBScN

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Funnybone, RN


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How about Seymour Bones RN?

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