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My story:)


Hi! My name is Lindsay. I am a 34 year old wife (married 12 years) and mother with 3 children, ages 11, 7 and 1 year old. This past January, I decided I want to go back to school and be a nurse! Since I never completed high school, I first had to get my GED (Highschool equivalency diploma). I studied hard for it and passed my GED in June! In March, I registered as a student at my local college and began my prerequisites for the Practical Nursing program. So far I completed Math with 84% and now I am taking Chemistry and hope to get around 80% for that. Then I need to take Biology and English. I plan to start the Practical Nursing program in September 2016. That is, if I get accepted into the program. My husband is okay with me going back to school. Any advice for me? I am a little nervous to do this but somehow I really want to do this! :)

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Good for you for deciding to go back to school; my only question is why do you have to wait until 2016 to start?

Congrats on your decision, GED and classes passed. I had a Biology professor very early on tell a class of mostly nursing hopefuls that life will happen and you may even receive a poor grade or 2 but to keep our eyes on the end goal and keep pushing forward. It's just a minor set back and don't quit.

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Great job and keep at it!


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WELCOME TO YOU and good luck in your endeavors!

Congrats on going back to school! Enjoy the journey!

Hi! Thanks for your reply. The reason I am going to start in Sept 2016 is because the college I plan to apply at offers the practical nursing program every second year. So the next time this program runs is in Sept 2016. Anyway, this works well for me being that my youngest is just a year old. So he will be 3 years old (and out of diapers) when I start the program. He will only have to be at daycare once a week being that my husband works rotating shifts, 4 days on, 4 days off. So he will be able to take care of him most of the time. :) My plan is to do some transfer credits. I will complete some of the non nursing courses that are available online, which are Sociology and Developmental Psychology. They are part of the program of studies for Practial nursing, so I will do them online in 2015, once I finish my nursing prerequisites. This will really lighten my workload and my academic advisor told me that this is a good plan. :)

Take your time. I was on last semester then did too much at once. My 4.0 GPA dropped over .4 points from 2 classes I passed :(

On the bright side the raise your GPA calculator says I can get it up to 3.99 if I maintain a 4.0 for the next 1366.2 credits.:dead:

Yes, I am taking my time. :) I finished Math first and now I am almost finished Chemistry. Then I take Biology and lastly, English. It feels good to get the harder courses done first! LOL

Super! Nursing can be an exciting and challenging area of study. A lot of people focus on the academics; it is easy to overextend yourself mentally and emotionally especially when your practicum begins. Advice I usually give involves surrounding yourself with a supportive network and to do your best to keep a good balance of school and home life. The latter point can be a real challenge if you have a family.

Thank you! I will take your advice. Good thing is that I do have a supportive network and will try to keep home life and school life balanced. :)

Congrats! I wish you the best in your future career as a nurse. :)

Thank you! I wish you the best as well, I see you are a future nurse. :)

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Sounds like OP has a great plan & kudos to her supportive Hubs!

Just wanted to add.... I know two Chief Nurse Executives, one MSN, PhD & one CRNA, PhD.... who both began their educational journeys with GEDs. Hang in there. You've got this.

Thanks for sharing this about how they started out with getting their GED's. It's very encouraging and motivating! :)

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