My very 1st clinical expierence ever!!! :-)

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So last night was my very first clinical and I didn't expect to do as much as I did, well actually I didn't know what to expect. So I got there and introduced myself to my pt and his family and was suppose to get some vitals. I passed meds my first day :-)' at the 5pm round and at the 9pm round...also I helped the residents get ready for dinner...used a vanderlift for the first time...did a finger stick and gave some insulin. I even got to write a progress note on my was a lot to take in for the first go round but I loved every second of it!!! I was just wondering how did everyone else's go...o I got the help with a new admit as well was so awesome by the I'm doing my clinicals in ltc this semester. So let me know how your clinicals went!!!

I didn't like my first clinical experience. I'm not used to the environment setting b/c it felt like a cold dungeon, and all the patients were in serious health conditions. I sometimes ask myself what have I gotten into too.

Sounds like you had an exciting first day at clincal!

We just did basic CNA stuff the first day but today was our second day. We got to give flu shots and a lot of showers. We are there from early morning until mid afternoon. By the time we give our showers and help with feeding we are almost done for the day. I am excited with the fact that I'm getting way more comfortable with the ltc patients. Dealing with the elderly was one of my big fears but once you help them you get that wonderful feeling of truly making someone's day better. :)

My first clinical experience was a HUGE eye opener for me. I guess you can say I grew up sheltered, my father was in law inforcment, so I didn't get to experience all that much the world had to offer, until I got married, and started to see the world...Anyway...HUGE county hospital that serviced over 5 counties with the busiest ER in the state and my first patient was on a ICU step-down unit, and he had a dx of Guillein-Barre (excuse my spelling if wrong) My instructor was like "What an interesting patient to have as your first" All I did when I got home was sleep for hours because not only was I physically drained I was hugely emotionally drained as well!!!

Had my first clinical experience yesterday. Got to give my first shot which was very nerve-wracking! I had squirted way too much hand sanitizer and it took FOREVER to dry my hands and I was too nervous to think of any small talk. Then, I could not get the cap off--the syringe was very different from the kinds we practiced with at school. I finally got the cap off, only to bend the needle! I was mortified and had to ask for another syringe from the nurse who was watching me. My clinical instructor, the pt, and the pt's son were watching me too! Pt was sitting in a chair and not in bed, so that threw me off too since I had to kneel in front of her to give her shot in her abdomen. I'm glad my first one is over and I know I will be MUCH more comfortable for my next one!

I heard stories about my fellow students who encountered their first smell of a raging yeast infection. We were all too nervous about clinical to remember to bring Vicks but we will definitely bring it next time!!!

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The first shot that I gave I used a needle I've never used before...its called a vanishing need where after you get to the end of the medicine u push really hard and the tip retracts into the syringe...I thought the needle broke off in pt.

Passing meds on your first day of clinical? Wow! We don't pass meds til our second after we've been doing clinical for about 2 1/2-3 months!

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I didn't like my clinicals at the LTC facility which was our first clinical rotation. But the first night at the hospital in what was technically clinical orientation/observation day, I did so much and learned so much and loved it.

You had a better first day than I did! Mine was over a year ago but I remember it like it was yesterday ... My entire class was at either a LTC facility or smaller community hospital. My specific group was the ONE out of 11 or 12 to be at a huuuuge city hospital. I had absolutely ZERO healthcare/hospital/clinical/CNA experience of any kind.. just the 2 weeks of nursing lab before we went in. My patient was almost 400 lbs, had many many heart, lung, GI issues. She was going down for a ct scan and had to drink a whole ton of Redi-cat solution ... blech! She threw up twice and had diarrhea for the rest of the day. My first experience giving a bed bath to a real live patient ... and I needed help every second of the way to turn her, reposition, lift limbs etc. I almost cried twice. I felt so flustered all day, I almost didn't want to go back the next week. :(

But it got a lot better.. and now I loooove clinical :) We're finishing up Maternity/Post partum rotation next week and then moving on to Pedi!

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It is amazing listening to you guys talk about your first experiences! I honestly can't remember my first injection. That first one was about a million injections ago, as I have been a nurse for 13 years. Eleven of those years have been on a very busy med/surg unit in the only hospital in the county. You will experience SO many first's. Your first code, your first death, your first angry family member, etc. I am not saying this to scare you. You might not do it quite right the first time, the second time, or even the third time. These things I mention will be highly emtionally charged, and so it will be hard to remember just how to handle these things. It's OK. With practice, you will get better.

Congrats on getting through your first clinicals! Before you know it the NCLEX will be around the corner. Kudos!!

Good job. I love clinicals, I learn best by doing things.

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