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Ok, in reaction to the thread on Nursing Diary sites...I have just started mine!

Here it is!:

Take a peek and let me know what you think! What should I add? Should I change anything?



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this make sme definitely want to do a nursing diary website


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That looks great. I just have to say that your children are beautiful!! I am horrible at anything with computers so I can't really give you an expert opinion except that it looks good to me.

manna, BSN, RN

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I think it looks great!

(of course, I'm not a big fan of the MSN communities sites, but that's just a personal issue I need to get over - has nothing to do with your site at all, this is a longstanding feeling LOL)

Those kids are TOOO cute. How old?


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im not a fan of those msn sites either but..


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It looks good :)... better then anything I could manage haha. Your kids are adorable!

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Your site looks great and your kids are cute!!

I have a good friend who has a 22 month old daughter named Seneca :)



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I really like your website.....keep it updated!!!

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I think your diary is great! Like you , i'm starting from scratch too. Your not the only one who has to upgrade their skills, i need to upgrade math before i can apply for the lpn program. I start my first pre-nursing class this wed/28th (fundamentals of speech) kinda anxious about it. Thanks for sharing your road to becomming a nurse !

b.t.w, Your kids are cuties! Love the pict w/ Dora :)


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Thank you everyone! I will keep the site updated! lol

Now...back to my math;)

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