My Miracle Last April

To preface, this story I am a many year Paramedic turned brand new RN. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

My Miracle Last April

My best friend had a beautiful baby girl last April. Her pregnancy was healthy, and the OB-GYN did not expect any complications. She had an Ultrasound three weeks before delivery that showed many decelerations so she had an emergency c-section. The baby was delivered vigorous, had good apgars and required o2 via o2 hood to maintain saturation. Throughout the day she required more oxygen and ultimately was transported to a high-level NICU. When the transport team arrived she was intubated and put on a high-frequency ventilator and required meds to stabilize her blood pressure. We were not given an initial diagnosis. This came as a shock to my friend, her husband, and our family and friends.

She was initially diagnosed with a severe heart defect, and a couple of days later she was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality so severe that it was not compatible with life.

My friend, her husband and all of us spent the next 10 days camped out at the hospital. There are no words to adequately describe the staff amazing does not do justice.

Their expertise and skills were top notch. The most important thing was that they cared so much for my friends baby, and for her and her husband and yes even the family members. They invested all of themselves in her care and were truly devastated when her final diagnosis was discovered. I remember thinking to myself how do these wonderful people do this job day after day.

The 10 days of her life will be a time I will never forget. For 10 days everyone came together without regard for anything and truly cared for someone else. Ultimately my friend and her husband made the heroic decision to withdraw like support. The nurse that had been primarily taking caring of my friends baby came in on her day off without pay to help my friend and her husband through the probably worse day in their life. She did it without thought of herself, she did not think of how this might affect her in the long term she did it because that is what being a nurse is all about.

My little friend was buried in a mountainous private church graveyard which was quite a road to travel to. The nurses who cared for her came and spoke at her funeral. It was something that nobody else could say. My friend and I visited the hospital a few weeks after she passed away to thank the nurses for their wonderful care, and my friend was presented with a keepsake box of a porcelain set of footprints and handprints, photos and a lock of hair. I was speechless. Nurses are truly heroes.

It has been 9 months since a little friend passed away, and my best friend has good days and bad days. Because of the wonderful nursing she received, she is able to move forward. My friend came to visit the nurses that cared for her baby last month, and I was one of the nurses she came to visit too. I was so inspired by their wonderful skill and compassionate patient care that I work with the same heroes that cared so very much for my family.

Nursing is a culture. It is a culture of many different people from different walks of life, races, religions, and belief. It is a culture of caring people that help people in the frailest and intimate aspects of their life. The greatest reward is knowing by simply caring about someone you deeply touch their lives.

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My heart goes out to you and your friends. I too have lost an infant. The pain will ease but never go away. Just treat youself and them with kindness. Listen if they want to talk. Sometimes the best support is non-verbal, just being there is a world of support.

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I am so sorry for your friend's pain. Thank you for sharing this story. As the one who has been one of those nurses too many times, it's encouraging to hear that what we do in those last days or moments does help ease the pain somewhat.

God bless you and your friend.

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thank you for sharing

my best friend and sister-in-law just went through this a few months ago (heart defect) - it was a sad time for all of us

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We just sent a family home with a baby like this. We don't know how long they will have, all they can do is love and care for the baby on hospice care. This was a totally unexpected situation, so sad for them all.

such a wondeful story, indeed a miracle. A new hope shines anew on why this path called nursing is never dull. (",)

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I am so moved by your story...thank you for sharing it...

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Beautiful story and well told by a true friend.

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Thank you for sharing this story, you told it so beautifully, I too lost my first child (miscarriage) which he is still in my heart and my thoughts, I could not imagine giving birth and seeing the baby to lose them so quickly. It makes me proud to know that there are so many caring, loving and compassionate nurses to help ease the pain of such a loss, to lose a loved one is so hard, but a baby I am sure is even harder to bare.

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very thouching story-nurses are like best friends in a time of need!