My Manager gave me a bad review for no reason.


Hey guys, follow up from my last post. I've been at my job for a month now and its just getting worse and worse by the day. The work environment is just getting more hostile by the day and my misery is growing. I cry before and after I get done with work. I'm stuck caring for 25 patients by myself (bed checks, lay down, get up, etc.) and being fairly new I'm stressed beyond belief and all my co-workers do is bad mouth me and laugh at me and my misery. I was even changing my linen bags and one busted open and instead of helping me my co-workers laughed at me. Not the "laugh with me" type of laugh but just straight up laughed at me and it really made me upset.

So, I took it upon myself to look for another job. I wasn't planning on putting my two weeks in until I found another job, I really just want to call and quit but I know how bad that looks. I found a job at a surgical center (I'm thinking of being a surgical technician so this would be the perfect place for me to work and gain experience I think) and went ahead and applied. Well, I didn't lie on my app that I was currently working at my current job and said that they could call because it would look better. That and I have nothing to hide cause I go to work and bust my booty for 12 hours every shift.

Well, my friend who works at the surgical center said that her boss was talking about me and was telling them that my manager gave me an awful review. I can't say why she would... I really don't know why she would. But it makes me upset to the point where I want to walk out if my company is so desperate for people to stay they sabotage every opportunity their employees get to further their careers and experiences. I'm just really stressed and I really just don't want to go back to that horrible place.

What should I do?

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Can you afford to quit and be out of work when you search for a another job? Please do not use them as a reference either as apparently they have an axe to grind!


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Your pig of a manager gave you a bad review because it doesn't want you to leave. Where else are they gonna find another slave and doormat so fast?


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So sorry. Do you know what was said? I imagine they know what not to say to avoid a lawsuit but I would be curious. One of my friends also had one of her references give a bad review. Stinks but you can recover. Have others you can trust ready for your next opportunity. Good luck!


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I can survive for a few months until I find another job yes. I'm thinking of calling in tomorrow. I'm just really down about the whole situation, I mean who does that? I refuse to work for a person who does that. Bad thing is I haven't even met my manager yet cause she never comes to work.


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I don't know what was said. But I just want to call and quit because of it but I don't want to lose my CNA license.

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You won't lose your CNA certification if you quit, even without notice. The only way that would happen is if you were to accept an assignment and then walk out during your shift.

The best way to quit is to give at least two weeks' notice. This makes you look professional to a potential employer. I know you hate the place and the job, but do your best to get another job while you still have one. Good luck to you.

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You're not going to lose your license for calling in to work.

I say, put in your notice, work out your notice if you can, and

then quit. Look for another job, but if you can't find one... quit

that horrid job anyway. Especially since it sounds like you

can afford to be off work for awhile.

Be looking for SOMEONE, or maybe two someones, who will give

you a good reference. Don't put your manager down as a

reference. Your manager shouldn't be able to badmouth you

to a future employer if you haven't put them down as an

actual reference.


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Learn from this. Unless you're on good terms with your current manager, meaning you told her you want to move and she gave you her blessings, you never check that box that says it's ok to contact your current employer. I can't figure why you even did that considering the horrid conditions you're describing. That sounds like a floor that is rotting from the inside out and it will only be rectified once upper management catches a whiff of the decay and does an entire overhaul. We're talking get rid of the director, the manager, the asst manager, etc. everyone who has a part to play in the leadership of said unit needs to go.


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Because I thought it'd look better on a job application if I did it. I know not to do it for next time.

I called my workplace 5 times, my unit manager 3, and I even tried to call my DON a few times to call into work tonight (I've literally been calling for hours) and no ones answering so I just ended up texting my DON that I won't be coming in. I didn't know what else to do I hope it won't be considered a no call no show because I tried so hard to call in.


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Bad move. Now they can say you were a no call/no show. Should've just put in your notice. Live and learn.


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No actually she texted me back. I'm quitting tomorrow