My Job Cut My Hours By Half... Should I quit right away?

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I am a 28-year-old nurse who has been nursing for 4 years. I have had three jobs in my span of nursing. I started in LTC, then switched to inpatient medical. I realized that bedside nursing wasn't my calling and switched to a community clinic. The work at the clinic is hard, but much better overall.  When I joined the clinic, I signed on as a part-timer. I have always signed as a part-timer in the past to avoid the fees of benefits but gotten full-time hours. Right away when I started at the clinic they asked if I could do full-time hours and I stated that I would. 

Recently, they hired a new staff member. I thought nothing of it as someone is going on medical leave. However, when I checked my schedule I noticed that my hours have been cut, roughly 25hrs a week on average. I am understanding that I signed on as a part-timer however I have been doing full-time hours and wasn't even told about the change. Through the grapevine at work, I heard management liked two of the candidates when they were interviewing. One was hired for the person leaving on medical leave, the other they decided to also hire part-time and in their words to the new staff member "share my line." 

I am completely blindsided and upset by this. Not necessarily that they reduced my hours but that they didn't say anything to me and just removed shifts from my schedule which I was counting on. I honestly have been a good employee and this has put me in a difficult situation. I have only been at the clinic job for 5 months so am worried it will look bad if I quit so soon. I even signed off when I joined that I would be blacklisted if I left before a year.

A friend of mine did message me and managed to get me an interview for a job that pays $2 more an hour. However, this job is strictly a management position and I am concerned about losing my nursing skills. The job also has a mandatory orientation that starts the week I was supposed to go with my partner to Cuba. If I accept the job, they made it very clear I would need to cancel my vacation. 

The way I see it, I have three options. I can quit this current job and go with the management position. I can keep my current job part-time and keep looking for other full-time opportunities that better use my nursing skills. Or I can attempt to find some casual work and keep my current job at part-time hours. I'm not sure which of the three I should do. What are your honest thoughts?

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I would hate a management job! I'd probably go for a 2nd job. It can be difficult with scheduling, but perhaps it will lead to something you enjoy.  Then again, there are people that like management.  Also, probably have a talk with your employer so they realize you actually wanted to work full time. They may have been under the impression they were overworking you and you wanted part time.


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1) Quit this job for management job. Even though it pays more it seems like you don't really want to move into management at this time or cancel your holiday (have fun BTW) so I would say this isn't a viable option.

2) Keep current job. I feel like this may be your best option right now given that you actually like this job and want to keep your holiday. Your job just hired 2 new staff but I seem to think a lot a people get new jobs, realize they hate it (miss doing  12's/ nights/ weekends, commute too long, pay to low, work too hard/ too easy, staff too unfriendly) and leave again within a few weeks. I would talk to your mangers about your hours. Is it possible they weren't aware that you actually wanted full time hours without the ridiculously unaffordable "benefits"? 

I can see from their point of view it may have seemed smart to hire a good candidate to share your line if they thought you doing full time hours was just you being a good team player to cover a short fall as opposed to you working the hours you wanted. 

3) Look for casual job and keep current PTE hours. It couldn't hurt to look a new job. I would probably prioritizing communicating with current job first. Letting them know that you are happy in your job, don't wish to leave and want more hours every schedule not just occasionally may be quicker and a lot less hassle than getting a second job. 

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I advise that you go to management and clarify the situation, and ask what kind of schedule to expect from here on in. If you need more hours, get a second,  PRN job to bring in more money. Definitely don't quit is my advice. 


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But you are Blanche! LOL!

No seriously, this sounds like simple miscommunication.  You did sign up for part time correct?  It seems like they stretched you until they could find somebody else (no breach there), but you weren't told (which is the blindside).  Okay I get it but don't be upset, it's business.  Once you release your emotions try to see the business behind it.  They really did nothing wrong, I mean you could have said no (to the fulltime hours).   Just conduct yourself accordingly next time.  Always and I mean always do what's best to benefit you knowing that there are no guarantees.  

IF you really want to take it a step further maybe meet with someone and just say hey I would have appreciated a heads up before my hours got cut so that I could have made adjustments. 

And hands down, I would go to Cuba.. wooo hooo enjoy!

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As you were hired part time they technically did nothing wrong by reducing your hours. Sure, a little heads up that they hired more staff so you no longer needed to work beyond your FTE would have been nice but you were working a lot more hours than your position was posted for.

Best case, talk to whoever does your scheduling and let them know you are interested in more hours, either just covering open shifts if there are any or possibly transitioning to a full time position if/when one is open.  

Otherwise you can always look for either another part time job with a schedule that works around your current one, a per diem job that might or might not offer enough shifts that work around your schedule to supplement your hours or you can just look for another full time job altogether if you need the full time hours. 


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