My first day is tomorrow!

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I have class from 9-2:30. I think we get one hour for lunch. I am so excited about finally starting. Good luck to all of the new nursing students!:)


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Good Luck Rhona1 on your FIRST day, you must be so excited !!


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Good Luck Rhona!!! let us know how your day went



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rhona, . i do wish you all the best and let us know how your first day goes.

jschut, BSN, RN

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Best of all to you! Let me know what happens! I don't have class till 6pm, so tell me!


Julie :)


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It's finally here! I know you are so excited. Hope the day goes well. My classes started 8/26 and so far so good. Get some sleep tonight although I know it will be hard!


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good luck rhona!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good Luck :)

nursing 101

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Good luck... Knock'em dead

zacarias, ASN, RN

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I wish you much success Rhona!!

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