My eyeballs are burning!!!


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I have never been able to wear lenses for more than a few hours at a time. Ever.


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I couldn't wear my contacts to work either. I thought the problem was the A/C making the air so dry, plus its recirculated so that makes it dry as well.

Most of the staff I work with has a hard time with contacts at work so I truely do think the air is much drier.

I's more than likely the dry air. I couldn't wear my contacts much at all in the hospital setting and ended up having Lasik.


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Agree with all the post above, try changing the brand of contacts you use maybe try Acuvue... but def see an opthalmologist


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I can't wear my contacts to clinical either. I have tried rewetting drops, and even drops that clean while you wear. I just wear my glasses on clinical days. I have my hair up, no makeup, and those awful school scrubs so my glasses can only improve my look lol.

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Another poster mentioned this also, the lighting, I believe the flourescent lighting is a huge bother to my eyes.

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